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Don's record The Cross Eyed Sessions receives praise by The Alternate Root! 

The Review

Don Pedigo  (from the album The Cross Eyed Sessions) - Don Pedigo is a guy with a guitar and a satchel full of heartfelt songs about the love and life that swirls around us. The Cross Eyed Sessions attacks with album opener “You’ve Got Everything”, taking a righteous stand for love as the track rises up and up, trying to make it over the back wall to become an anthem for taking charge of your life. Don Pedigo uses a bucket list wish to take him back to Natchez in 1976 to look for “The Spirit Of Jimmy Reed”, rides a rock’n’roll riff to take him to a “County Hotel”, uses 60-mile an hour white lines to keep the beat for “Motorcycle Song”, and fills up with “Cheap Unleaded” as two lovers leave Georgia in the rear view mirror. There is a point were influences become part of your own songcraft and Don Pedigo takes the best traits of a vast array of Roots styles. A Rock stance digs in as Don Pedigo grabs the handle for a hard ride rhythm in “Jonah”, huffs a harmonica sway to remind “Nobody Sleeps Alone”, and crawls out of Country Rock to take a peek at “Cross Eyed Sunday Morning”.

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