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Down in the Flood

  I made the mistake recently of saying that my entire new record is live with a few studio player additions.  That could’ve been the case except I was my own player addition on a couple tracks and I did end up re-singing a couple things.  Really though it’s sweet bliss to have a completely nailed version live and then have a little time to analyze the character of each vocal and decide if you could capture it in a different way.  This was the case on the track ‘Sleepwalker’s Masquerade,’ as well as two other songs that didn’t make the cut. One other song was completely re-written and re-recorded.  That’s never happened on one of my records before.  


  This leads me to one of the many special places in the making of my new album The Lonely Ones.  Before each session I made time to connect and pray.  I’m so grateful for life itself that witnessing dreams unfold can almost become idol.  It’s all a deservingness thing I guess.  In that though, I find my game time moment in prayer.  And I’m sometimes very direct.  Those prayers are usually the ones I ponder on the most later because of stories like the one I’m about to share.  


  As I was wrapping up my thank you prayer that morning I said, “I expect a miracle today.”  Well…what else can you say?  I went on in for a fun filled day of capturing a different character in what eventually felt like, in each line of Sleepwalker’s Masquerade.  We took our time though.  We, during this phase of recording being Ray Kennedy, Earl Bud Lee and myself.  We had several chile rellanos during those sessions.  No joke.  Rough count a hundred easy.  


  It was a good long day of rewriting one of the songs that didn’t make it as well as some vocals that no one dreamed could come out of me.  Not my words mind you.  Only my paraphrasing.  I was super into James Brown’s ‘Reality,’ album that week.  I think I somehow found a connection in the soul and truth of that record.  It bled through me on this one particular song that may or may not ever be released.  Actually, I take that back I definitely had some JB feel in the other song that may never be released.  So anyway with all that soulful letting it all hang outness I was singing really good around 9:30 or 10 pm.  Everybody was tired.  I knew that.  But a little voice inside my head said,  “Sing one more, sing one more.”


  So I went upstairs and kinda begged.  It wasn’t a long beg though both Ray and Bud know what the moment is.  They’ve build careers on the moment.  And so I hit a couple places in “It’s So Hard,” I thought could have a little more honestly and we wrapped up for the night. 


  As we were all grabbing our keys and closing things up Ray notice a little water on the floor just outside the restroom.  He grabbed a towel and I took the rug outside.  On my way back in, both Ray and I noticed the sound of running water.  He has neighbors upstairs so somebody coulda been running a bath or something.  But after opening the bathroom door Ray saw a stream of water running from the room behind the bathroom.  I opened the door to that room, the room with all his vintage Hammond and Leslie gear and there it was.  


  The water heater to Ray’s space also sits in that room and the pop off valve had failed maybe just a few minutes before we discovered water on the floor.  It was coming out fast.  We were able to get the water turned off, saved priceless gear and even Ray’s rug which was later stolen from the alley where it was drying and then returned a couple days later.  Call me crazy but I listened to that little voice that held us over another twenty minutes.  Had we not done that the whole studio would have flooded like it did in 2010.  That was catastrophic for Ray.  Sounds like a miracle to me.  What do you think?

  There’s a lot of mind flooding for me this week.  I just played a Flood Relief Concert in Louisville, KY at Headliners.  Below is a link to my version of the Dylan cover, 'Down in the Flood.' I recorded this track live in the mixing studio on my first Nashville release What I Was Running From.   




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