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Faith Is The Middle Road

Faith Is The Middle Road


This verse is from a daily devotional.  I'm quoting you the direct translation via Ferrar Fenton. He puts the book of John and John 1 before Matthew, Mark and Luke in the New Testament. 


John 21:22  


"But what about this one, Lord?"

Jesus replied to him: "If I decide for him to remain until I come, what is that to you?  You must follow me."  


  What this means to me this morning;


  When we’re sad it’s easy to cave to our lesser qualities.  Kinda like all will power with junk food is gone when we are tired.  It’s been easy for me the past couple Christmases to be sad about things I haven’t done.  I think most everyone does this sometimes right?  It’s human to doubt.  At some point we start living towards a dream rather than coming from our heart.  When we become aware of that truth again it feels more like a reminder than a discovery.  It’s how we were as children.  For some reason it seems like I came programed to resist the flow of life every step of the way.  Frequently I look back on things and am like “Why did I have to make that so hard?”  Everyone’s too young to be jaded.  The heavenly father is eternally patient.  Keep the faith my friends, yours is coming.

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