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The Current

In the river current one is either entering, in the rush, or downstream.  I feel lost in stagnate water unless I'm releasing something almost daily.  That doesn't mean a new sound recording.  A performance is a release.  A new song is a release.  Practice, a picture or even a blog are releases.  All are different forms of letting the spirit dance.  When I release, I'm released.  We're all that way in some way right?  I say released like an inner release.  No accident we call new records releases.  In today's world, it seems like most people need little bits of satisfaction and release throughout each day.  I get it.  You know how I know?  I'm human.  I'm a human with this new technology learning the way of this new stream and riding the same river as my audience!  I'm your audience too you know.  The observed are the audience of the observer.  Imagine that for a moment.  When I create and perform I draw from my audience.  I wonder what you are thinking, where you've been, and how you got here.  What drives you?  When I watch an entertainer I ask those same questions in my mind.  I wonder if the act feels secure in the audiences' reactions? What kind of day have they had?  How did they get here?  What drives them?  We all have a story.  We all have a way to release our story whether for the public or just for ourselves.  The fact is we inspire each other.  You inspire me!  Isn't the observer and the object one fine circle when you look at the experience this way?  After all, it takes at least two in a shared experience for art to be complete right?  I guess that's up for debate like a tree falling in the woods but, that's the way I like to imagine those moments.  I need you like you need me.  What joy this brings me to imagine what we could share daily!  Let's make more art!  Let's landmark our trip down life's river!  Let's leave a pitcure for the next one's to see what it was like!  Every one of us is an artist!  What is your way?  See you in the current!  

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