“I believe human experience and individual perception iswhat life is about. We each paint the same picture but with a different palette.”

Anyone who has ever met Don Pedigo, or experienced his music, has one thing in common – an authentic experience. His Midwestern charm, will and work ethic, resonate the spirit of the Heartland with the crafting of every lyric, through his expressive vocals, and in his distinctive picking style. 

While his music pays homage to classic country and Midwestern rock and roll, it delivers something surprising and fresh to the listener. Something that hangs on the air and continues to visit your spirit long after the last note resonates. 

Upon his arrival in Nashville, Don had the great fortune to have a demo cut by Larry Crane, former guitarist for fellow Heartlander, John Mellencamp. 

That demo found its way into the hands of the legendary Earl Bud Lee (“Friends in Low Places”), and the two began a rich journey with Lee in the role of mentor, publisher, and producer. 

2006 saw the release of his first production record WHAT WAS I RUNNING FROM (featuring Buddy Miller on guitar), and the single MAMA’S WEDDING GOWN (produced by Larry Crane) was released the following year. 

Before long, Pedigo found himself dubbed as “the hard rocking heartthrob from the heartland”, as the music video for MAMA’S WEDDING GOWN qualified as a finalist on the CMT Music City Madness Singer/Songwriter’s Competition Top 20 Video countdown. 

Despite his moment in the sun, setting his direction to write what came from the heart often proved frustrating on the commercial front. But again, good fortune struck when his sides ended up in the hands of Stephanie Hudacek (manager for Darryl Scott), who picked thirteen of forty songs, and connected Don to five-time Grammy award winning producer, Ray Kennedy. From this meeting, THE CROSS EYED SESSIONS was born. 

THE CROSS EYED SESSIONS would go on to stay on the Roots Rock Top 40 for over two years, and the single cut YOU’VE GOT EVERYTHING would hit the top 40 on that chart. 

In the midst of this significant success, a major life event would forever change Don and his family when his son died from an opiate overdose. This would strongly impact his writing and intentions. 

With the release of his most recent album THE LONELY ONES, Don continues his journey of authenticity by providing a face of hope to those struggling with loss and addiction. He is actively involved with Overdose Lifeline (https://www.overdose-lifeline.org/)

 Most recently, the odyssey added another chapter providing Don to explore the world of acting for feature films, as he continues to create and share his distinctive sound to thousands across the country.