Don Pedigo is a Roots-Rock artist encompassing the influences of midwestern rock 'n' roll, Kristofferson country and Nashville's songwriter community. Embraced by the Americana movement, Pedigo's latest album, THE CROSS EYED SESSIONS, impacted the Roots's Music Report's Top 50 Roots Rock Songs hitting #15 with "You've Got Everything" and the full album cracking the Top 30 on the Roots Rock Album chart. 

Born in Freetown, IN, Pedigo’s mid-western charm is matched by his ability to capture a listening audience with handcrafted lyrics, expressive vocals and Chet-like pickin’. With the will and work ethic of a Heartlander, Pedigo’s passion led him to the heart of Music City where life as a recording artist, songwriter, musician, husband, father and friend shaped a sonic chapter of Pedigo’s life called THE CROSS EYED SESSIONS. Mastered by five-time Grammy Award winning producer Ray Kennedy, the project captures the authentic and organic recording process within each song.

“I believe human experience and individual perception is what life is about. Each one of us is an artist; I choose music and lyrics as my medium. My desires lead me to travel and perform. I write about the things I see and people I meet.”

Arriving in Nashville, he caught the ear of legendary songwriter Earl Bud Lee (“Friends In Low Places”/Garth Brooks, “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”/Blake Shelton) who nurtured Pedigo’s inherent song-crafting ability. In 2006, Pedigo recorded his first full-production record WHAT I WAS RUNNING FROM (featuring Buddy Miller on guitar) and released the single “Mama’s Wedding Gown” (produced by Larry Crane) the following year. The complementary music video qualified the tune as a finalist on the CMT Music City Madness Singer/Songwriter’s Competition Top 20 Video Countdown dubbing Pedigo as “the hard-rocking heartthrob from the heartland.”

Encompassing the influences of pure country, rock n’ roll and the storytelling songwriting community, traces of John Mellencamp, Rodney Crowell, John Prine and contemporaries such as Pete Yorn are detected in the roots of Pedigo’s offerings.

“I’m in a zone right now where the songs are just clicking and everything sounds meant to be. I’ve made other records but I am especially proud of this body of work and feel like I can hang my hat on it if I were to be remembered by these songs.”

Pedigo is currently touring the country in support of his latest release THE CROSS EYED SESSIONS project. [Pedigo played over 150 dates in 2014,  2015 and 2016, including Austin, TX (SXSW), Nashville, TN (Tin Pan South) and New Mexico, Panama City and Chicago.]