Don Pedigo Bio

Don Pedigo, best known for his hard rocking heartlander sound, has joined forces with Nashville backing band, The Coyotes.  This begins a new phase in Pedigo's career as a writer, performer and recording artist.  In addition to an unreleased solo record with producer Ray Kennedy, The Coyotes have recently laid tracks for an album, with an EP set to release in the Spring of 2019.  They are currently booking across the country and teaming up with other artists as a supporting act.  

Pedigo's last album, The Cross Eyed Sessions, a collection of mastered demos released in 2014, stayed in the Roots Rock Top Forty Charts until the spring of 2016.  With the success of that grassroots campaign and the beginnings of the release of his large catalog, he anxiouly awaits the road he was made for.  In a chance meeting, everything came together quickly for this hot band.


"Like always I'm giving it everything I've got," says Pedigo "but now it feels like there are brothers with me and we are forging ahead famously! I've dreamed my whole life for a band to come that would believe wholeheartedly in what I do, connect all the dots with me.  Well, we've found each other and when you hear us you'll know.  It's not a hired gun studio band.  It's different. It's real.  It's in your face and it's everything each of us are and have always been!"


Not only has Don his group with The Coyotes but he's found a light of hope after he and his wife, Kim, lost their son, Christopher, to an overdose back in 2014.


"So much happened so fast I think that's how we made it through the first part.  It took a few years to come to some healing and part of that is in sharing our story when called upon. " he says.


Pedigo works closely with Overdose Lifeline and donates part of his merchandise sales, time, and songs to the cause.  In a time when everything could seem divided, Don Pedigo & The Coyotes bring us back together and remind us how rock 'n' roll soothes the our souls and songs last forever.