Listen anywhere! Don Pedigo Web Radio
Listen anywhere! Don Pedigo Web Radio
Don Pedigo Web Radio now streaming! Apps coming soon! #donpedigowebradio https://t.co/RORkgwmABe
Can't wait to see everybody at the Cross Roads Acoustic Fest kick off party Friday! 6pm at Rails Craft Brew & Eate… https://t.co/AyqDC7ymOB
Listen anywhere! Don Pedigo Web Radio
Listen anywhere! Don Pedigo Web Radio
Don Pedigo - Pick Your Ride
Yep that's my lady! And Earl Lee is looking pretty good too haha! https://t.co/21MvwXodp7
My interview with 92.7's Shawn Busby replays in 10-15 minutes Don Pedigo Web Radio. We are currently under construc… https://t.co/YuCRRLNZJj
Here’s everything you need to know about this weekend’s fest! https://t.co/kBuFuKgteS https://t.co/nzcYm8Za31
Love Manuel Cuevas and Patsy Sermersheim! https://t.co/nRsChFIwNM
We are currently under construction but the Don Pedigo Web Radio stream is running. Feel free to tune in! https://t.co/VMIKJ8gSC9
@gravelman58 Thanks Mark...my survival reflexes kicked in big time this morning. It’s too bad the choices that aris… https://t.co/k1UzTantc3
Here's some good 'ol opinions for you. Some kid just shot up the Waffle House a couple miles up the road. I was t… https://t.co/Oxo1Bu0ttq
Kimberly Pedigo nailed the moment in this one. Also she loaned me her sunglasses. I miss Sixteen Ton Recording St… https://t.co/OM9koE3KnZ
Righteous! Kiss guy! https://t.co/aSbX8fEIDT
In case you missed yesterday's interview on WJAA we've uploaded it to Soundcloud! #crossroadsacousticfest #wjaa… https://t.co/1nRFxHKkLG
I've only been starstruck three times. John Prine, Guy Clark and David Lindley. I had the unique opportunity to op… https://t.co/EiZ0CXsKgU
I've always loved Little Feat but currently they are my favorite band. Soooooo much soul! https://t.co/g85w58Yo9p
Kimberly Pedigo this is for us! https://t.co/w5dAO6qRgI
Gearing up for some tour time! #newmusic #newandoldfriends #uncommonground #chicago https://t.co/LwkbpRmcDS
Tonight! Great music great cause! #floodrelief #headliners #louisville https://t.co/UM5jBLKV7R
Getting my row boat ready to head to the 'Ville! #floodrelief #headliners #louisville https://t.co/UhGkLQ7R5c
This is my favorite song today https://t.co/bWGcdHjqqV https://t.co/bWGcdHjqqV
The stigma and fear that come with the #heroin epidemic builds a wall between the truth and what we wish didn't exi… https://t.co/2iQwN1ShkL
#savealife #ODL https://t.co/zDsOHY4k9a
The message in this video lays heavy on my heart. Thank you for sharing, let's save a life today. Overdose-Lifeline… https://t.co/GuDuGOdM7D
Love you little brother! https://t.co/mIv3VuK8Hv
Can't stop laughing!!! https://t.co/PmCjguOKoX
RT @tchapmanonline: ⚡️ Twitter celebrates the 30th anniversary of Tracy Chapman's Debut Album! https://t.co/uNq9UYv5Cx
Touched down in 1976. #jimmyreed https://t.co/DRe2LmzCLo https://t.co/DRe2LmzCLo
There's some new stuff cooking on my website. Thanks for stopping in! #yourock https://t.co/mrx26zi9Dg https://t.co/mrx26zi9Dg
Rick Wilson has always been a part of my extended family. I have so many stories I could share like how he recorded… https://t.co/dsES8DH19N
Excited to be coming home to Indiana soon! #crossroadsacousticfest https://t.co/9EmEh3AER0
Had a grand time in New Mexico celebrating my friend Shaw’s 70th with music and sweat lodge!
I have no doubt this will get worked out however in the meantime songwriters and artists are getting ripped off! Th… https://t.co/idk7AYs43l
To all my Mel Bay buddies, I know right?! https://t.co/WEmInx3MN7
Happy Birthday to my little angel Polly Donae Pedigo! https://t.co/VYceSF4UOS
Here’s a movie Kimberly Pedigo were in. Available at your local Wall-Mart I do believe. #moviestars https://t.co/gSQ4amucSA
Live from Taos, New Mexico! https://t.co/PcxL8U69bE
Sarah Dreaming https://t.co/4858QZRJuJ
Check it out 🤙
What are you or did you do for spring break this year? https://t.co/knKjDBWWiH
What a fun day this was! #cmt #mamasweddinggown #larrycraneproducer https://t.co/fZfF8vBTTx
Earl Bud Lee and I had a great time at the Music Health Alliance benefit the other night. Great organization!... https://t.co/4zTld8GftX
Spring is in the air! "It won't be long and I'll be Sun Kissed!" Who's ready for warm weather and some water... https://t.co/TABu07etpS
Not sure I quite understand how a minority of evangelical idiots represent the whole of Christianity.... https://t.co/XVAYD1mKAm
Want To Be The Rock Star Of Your Company? https://t.co/bePdLj7N3V
Happy Birthday to Papaw Bill up in heaven! He played the trumpet when he was young. He told me until he got his... https://t.co/assegcA9VF
Happy Birthday to Papaw Bill up in heaven! He played the trumpet when he was young. He told me until he got his... https://t.co/35FnbDIJg7
Happy Birthday to Papaw Bill up in heaven! He played the trumpet when he was young. He told me until he got his... https://t.co/7kGL4TVndZ
It's been a rough week here in Tennessee. Lost someone huge in my life. I promise to get back on and do some... https://t.co/t7DmT5UfdG
This video is a tribute to my best friend and winner of best supporting male role in my life's movie, John... https://t.co/8DFRAEEuZS
This video is a tribute to my best friend and winner of best supporting male role in my life's movie, John... https://t.co/yWfF790UD0
John Crane's Memorial Announcement on Everdays https://t.co/MQ7u1eAcv2
Been going through old photos, recordings and footage for the past couple days. Finding some stuff no-one has... https://t.co/5Xwsd7CGkT
Happy Birthday to my my lady Kimberly Pedigo! https://t.co/ri5cJsUf4p
Couldn’t say it better myself Joe Swank. Like this should even be on the radar of what’s important right now.... https://t.co/iFCFtCaXw0
I think I had more fun with this than my girls. #letsgoflyakite #pirateflag #argmemateys https://t.co/qvurHPm75I
Douchiest of douche anybody know him? https://t.co/Q6H4LtmFlr
I don’t know how to respond to my Dad on Pinterest — feeling pretty
Cannot wait to share new music next year! #monsters #comingsoon #2018 #newmusic #donpedigomusic... https://t.co/NSij0hEhqf
I posted this back in 2013. Just re-read and glad I did. #healthyreminders https://t.co/0DcMUyNDLi
Popped into The Hilson Studio and laid this down when this song was just a baby! Songs grow, I have too...... https://t.co/Qc4Dmprqjc
Merry Christmas! https://t.co/y4HpZu1lGT
New music for the holiday! Hope yours is blessed! #lyricvideo #newmusic #troubadour364 #donpedigomusic https://t.co/4VDnrETJZc
Wait for it... Video credit Karl Braun https://t.co/3lqBRjydgx https://t.co/dUp36xoSwJ
What an honor it is to share the season with you in song! https://t.co/QQBo4rpPnj
No idea she played holy crap! https://t.co/VAhHQaUYRV
I always love performing at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville. This soundcheck video was so good I had to post it!... https://t.co/87HaxUYLHu
Now available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and Deezer! Just in time for your Christmas... https://t.co/bciW9QnfPB
Thank you for adding this to your Christmas playlists! https://t.co/X2iuKHj7sn
Hey nashville - let @lightning100 if you dig my new song #Troubadour364. #RT to let them know
Please do so and share https://t.co/06cifyGnIB
These songs will always stand up no matter the era or arrangement! #loveit #stevewinwood #spotifypremium https://t.co/qfgjqTBrbg
Ready to laugh?! Good stuff by my friend Bryan Fox! https://t.co/OtpzH8cAal
Keep it fair please share! https://t.co/RW1CbVyaqo
Merry Christmas! #troubadour364 https://t.co/u2LNxUGGyP
RT @KyleCoroneos: On this day in 1956, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash all stood around a piano at Sun… https://t.co/ajYgoEpINw
Picked up a Blue Microphones Raspberry yesterday. Gives us a better live stream sound! #newgear #newmusic... https://t.co/WAZb0NpYxD
Faith Is The Middle Road
Still testing my #BlueRaspberryMicrophone https://t.co/BDBIuRAp68
Testing my #BlueRaspberryMicrophone https://t.co/w960ZPtLTn
Testing my #BlueRaspberryMicrophone https://t.co/purgPEtBk3
Testing my new #blueraspberry mic #newmusic ##@@ https://t.co/AsLly2utVJ
And I forget every Saturday night cross-eyed... #mandolin #saturdaynight #sundayhangovers #donpedigomusic
Been picking on some Jimmy Reed! #fblive #donpedigomusic https://t.co/31NCm4B6qZ
Breaking out some Jimmy Reed! #fblive #donpedigomusic https://t.co/POi9yRrumP
Breaking out some Spirit of Jimmy Reed live!#donpedigomusic #facebooklive #spotifypremium https://t.co/nGvJyOSIhh
White River Golden Eagle
This is super duper important! https://t.co/pzStrK6qhX
#birddogs #blog #coffeethought https://t.co/5cj8TyCPjl
The Current
Dang it @SusanRuthism I deleted this bc of typo. At least I thought I did. haha. Oh well
My buddy Terry Lee Palmer making those ladies sizzle! 😂 https://t.co/QKsjsglEt6
Damien is a great man with a great story! https://t.co/Jo848nXUov
#pondering #blog #experiences #sharing https://t.co/mhdtj7RrII https://t.co/N30rdqHRw4
Some of these could be released today #timeless #SpotifyPremium #discoverweekly https://t.co/vxLi9u6lVF
Mornings you bear the fruit of my daily pondering. What about you? #blog #donpedigomusic #Experiences #Sharing… https://t.co/t1hJlirSVc
The Current 11/28/17 #blog
The Current 11/28/17 #blog
The Current
I saw a rare #goldeneagle yesterday in Indiana. #mindblown #indianadnr #eagles
If the web loses net neutrality, independent musicians will lose their careers. https://t.co/bBKsKQ7I07
Live at Belcourt Taps #nashville #donpedigomusic https://t.co/FDmveQtlce
We are now bi-weekly on TUESDAYS at @BelcourtTaps! I'll have the band with me tomorrow night. We're looking forward… https://t.co/WmRRr7lctb
We moved to Tuesday’s! Thanks for sharing! https://t.co/PQCjNNUyag
@SusanRuthism So cool! Sadly I can only imagine #RipMalcolmYoung
@Spotify there’s sooo much! Love it https://t.co/CJNr8tLGJ1
New night at @BelcourtTaps can’t wait! #changingitup #theband #Nashville https://t.co/DyN4tRBQI2
Saturday night Facebook live #donpedigomusic https://t.co/lfm4bkAtEY
Saturday night Facebook live #donpedigomusic https://t.co/luGgnlGl5A
RIP Malcolm Young, thank you for setting the bar on how to rock hard! https://t.co/M9PtKH7Ccq
Killer #Spotify #americana #playlist https://t.co/ODfB2jMx4I
BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! https://t.co/PQlGwErjgr
Song prayer brothers and sisters! https://t.co/8S8a2tVdRt
In all the hustle and bustle of a Monday don’t forget to give your lady friend some love fellas! Co-written with... https://t.co/uVFawDVWRn
RT @KyleCoroneos: Anderson East is not just Miranda Lambert’s partner, anymore than Amanda Shires is just Jason Isbell’s wife. These… https://t.co/CHL1xKofjy
Good medicine Bob https://t.co/XLhGygrfS8
Happy Birthday Gram Parsons! Paying tribute with some of his songs and covers tonight. Sporting a custom Manny... https://t.co/ztnL7UEhJ1
Japanese Beatle invasion night #donpedigomusic https://t.co/XZBbdq1vPI
Whatcha wanna hear? Missing Petty, maybe I’ll play one of his tunes too. https://t.co/WwJoCD8DEG
Jamming in the sunroom. Missing Petty, maybe I’ll play one of his tunes. Any DP favorites you’d like to hear... https://t.co/xjNgjVGveS
Jamming in the sunroom missing Petty; maybe I’ll play one of his tunes. What do you wanna hear? https://t.co/tkO1ZZbkVs
Jamming in the sunroom missing Petty; maybe I’ll play one of his tunes. What do you wanna hear? https://t.co/X0MIxF0z46
No album session is complete without trying out the electric guitar sitar on a song. I’ll be live for a couple... https://t.co/ObZaK24RBA
#monsters #specialguestattheend #bestfansintheworld #newmusic #roots #rock #nashvilletn #songwriting #performing https://t.co/Ptv8Hkf9u4
Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! https://t.co/uY2wDoZeUa
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/XfF6H4FZh8
Tom Petty’s Daughter Says Dad’s Not Dead, Slams Rolling Stone https://t.co/w3JkaCp3mu
Devastating day... https://t.co/ceKDz7I3rz
Loved that guitar https://t.co/cfy8184ue1
Great great man. Loved him dearly, think of him daily... https://t.co/iGjbavtOmM
Good cause, good people, good time! See ya tomorrow Louisville! #theville #thelordskitchen https://t.co/rCARFeSD8V
Sep 07, 2017 Don Pedigo at Belcourt Taps & Tapas...
Getting back out on the road in September. Heading north! #livemusic https://t.co/ewbXJxzqxY https://t.co/ppEOv5Lwxu
I totally dig what he says about mixing the old with the new. https://t.co/hMrMkHPU3E
Ready to see an audience again! #studioabyss https://t.co/XhAbiVjxKT
Does this mean I'm an old guy now? All I do is share stuff on FB.
The Night When Miles Davis Opened for the Grateful Dead in 1970: Hear the Complete Recordings https://t.co/viLqAbijUL
Well that went by fast! This was during the recording of the Cross Eyed Sessions album. Photo by Kimberly Pedigo.... https://t.co/gTNyKrL8sp
Wow, I mean wow! Thanks for sharing Robert Repass . Off the grid is where I'll be heading one day.... https://t.co/tjrmBFXrVw
Lollipop Guilder Jerry Maren, last surviving Munchkin of "The Wizard of Oz, " reaches 97 years of age https://t.co/X56BVtw7I5
One more time for the night train Mr. Brown! https://t.co/8OSrAVwBuF
Get Ready! The Brightest Meteor Shower in the Recorded Human History Is Happening https://t.co/qLR0BtUY6C
Bout damn time https://t.co/khNzYOzoxH
Seems like everything that has ever inspired me artistically is springing forth right now. Jimmy Hendrix was and... https://t.co/QFxNdFD9Cy
Winning that's how it's going 🤘 https://t.co/xmxXN1ytw6
Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton Announce Final Performances Together https://t.co/z3Rk8BsQjy
Chancho I need to borrow some sweeeeeeeatz! https://t.co/OJEqm5ZoXw
Johnny Berry baby! Great fun tonight with a dear friend! https://t.co/tm9aTmKAMf
Scientists Just Teleported an Object From Earth Into Space https://t.co/DUfNUUgyiY
Jammin' w Johnny Berry this Thursday! Gonna be a rootin' tootin' good time! https://t.co/eVsrCvjATm
New Music Update: I've been in the studio for a week cutting a record with producer Ray Kennedy! I remember... https://t.co/oulDnTRXyP
Paul McCartney Regains Beatles Rights From Sony https://t.co/bDE5ttaTLm
Oh look Dad you and I have been friends for seven years! Where would you and I be without Facebook 😂! Love you... https://t.co/dDOpPZK3Y8
Man if we'd had these when I was a kid ☠️ https://t.co/37QUipXBlj
"Although the human mind likes to believe that it is 'of course' dedicated to the truth, in reality what it... https://t.co/X4yQIQ8JKr
Chicago Acoustic Underground https://t.co/TFvu3G4bki
50 Years Ago, the Wah-Wah Pedal Was Born in a Hollywood Hills Garage https://t.co/5zL96DYHG7
I'm out on the road this week and my buddy Johnny Berry will be filling my spot. Come check him out he's great!... https://t.co/olXBZ6jzN8
LOOKING FORWARD TO COMING HOME TO INDIANA TODAY! #donpedigomusic https://t.co/P4s7dZDNhp
Honored to have known Larry Henley. This was one of the best nights Kimberly Pedigo and I have had here in Music... https://t.co/cm80dHyhb6
Stopping by Belcourt Taps on my way to Austin, Texas tomorrow night. Flying solo on this one, hope to see you at... https://t.co/ApNlfgOLrA
Barstooling it today 12-4 w Tawnya Reynolds ....#gopreds https://t.co/wIbdFmTLrm https://t.co/E1FNy4LeOG
Kimberly Pedigo and I were both in this movie. That's Larry Gatlin against the wall there. When I called him sir... https://t.co/ITkLlTFopy
Seeing my album "What I Was Running From, " in Tower Records here in Nashville will always be one of my fondest... https://t.co/qsA8XTfJYd
Brian Pillman vs Rip Rogers https://t.co/1TapNOY3Ah
Just when I think it's my turn to stand up and complain I take a peek at my own garden and see weeds that need pulling. #brb
Just when I think it's my turn to stand up and complain I take a peek at my own garden and see weeds that need pulling. #brb
Thanks for the love NPR Music! #tinydesk https://t.co/DholIwSsAU
I'm on the bills w Tawnya today if you're in town come our way! #livemusic #nashville https://t.co/bWFacwdB5L
The Day Dylan Got It Right https://t.co/l0z8O3Yok1
Thanks NPR and Joe Swank! #npr #tinydesk https://t.co/wuoQp20FXj
Otis Gibbs On Mountain Stage https://t.co/zqJf9fJD7c
Many prayers went to the mountain this weekend. Thank you to all the mothers out there! 🙌🏻 #sweatlodge... https://t.co/rs1De70wcI
Brandon Lepere said he had never played out on the street before. So after our gig at the The Stage on Broadway... https://t.co/hxSGmKZcSh
Tomorrow at 2PM Brandon Lepere and I are back at The Stage on Broadway in Nashville. #thestage #nashville https://t.co/VxSEEdFFgI
Also, remember that our greatest obstacle is ourself. #thoughtfulthursday #powerofthought https://t.co/Zm4YP12nYN
Tomorrow at 2pm join Brandon Lepere and I at The Stage on Broadway! #nashville #thestage https://t.co/syqk2lEmEQ
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/qkrn5xEDQ4
I'm at Belcourt Taps tomorrow at 6:00pm. Then Friday I hit the stage with the amazing Tawnya Reynolds at... https://t.co/gW1eAfDDpH
Back at the Stage today 2-6! #barstools #livemusic #nashville #donpedigomusic https://t.co/EVEfIPYZ76
This Thursday starting at 6PM Belcourt Taps hosts myself, as well as a comedy show, Lucy Isabel, and Sam Herb.... https://t.co/tYc4QFAVGz
To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle. ~ Walt Whitman #poet #beinspired https://t.co/6wJzRG9fOG
Tomorrow at 9PM I'll be at The Sutler Saloon. Specials on wine. A good Wednesday night. #nashville #littleguitar https://t.co/9yB2Bo5TZc
Jamming again with Brandon Lepere at The Stage today 2-6! We'll be on the rooftop stage come see us! #lowerbroad... https://t.co/1096fHO9Bc
Tomorrow at 6PM I'll be at Belcourt Taps again! Love these guys. Photo by Valerie Fremin Photography #nashville... https://t.co/G5EapcbT2L
No matter what your occupation, if you keep your body healthy, your mind will follow suit, and for me my mind is... https://t.co/9iKvKeb6zI
#tbt to the Gram Parsons InterNational Fest with clothing designer and friend Manny Cuevas as well as my... https://t.co/DPvPFLKCwT
A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of... https://t.co/QR5Aecr6Ar
I'll be jamming with Brandon Lepere today at the Stage. Third floor 2-6pm! https://t.co/08HZPUsRRE
The band and I are at Sharky's Beachfront Restaurant tonight here in PCB from 9PM-12PM. #PCB #sharkys https://t.co/r4himU3PTX
Two shows at Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach this Saturday! #springbreak #pcbharleydavidson #donpedigomusic https://t.co/JK3aIKgfiZ
This is a snapshot from the Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival a couple years ago with Earl Bud Lee, Roger Cook, ... https://t.co/tNdEhZC6Vi
It's easy to get trapped inside of our minds. Renew your mind and emotions. For me that's writing.... https://t.co/6QAGkzMsdp
This Thursday at 6PM I'm back at Belcourt Taps. See you there! Photo by Valerie Fremin Photography #nashville... https://t.co/97rPPCrYL4
Millineum Maxwell House Hotel kicks off Rascone' Writers Night tonight at 7:00. Ricky Randolph and I are at... https://t.co/1zhq3GXp3u
I'm back in Nashville, Tennessee this Thursday, March 16th for a show at Millineum Maxwell House Hotel with Ricky... https://t.co/SFfdWfoVWp
I'm an "all around guitar bad ass" according to Richard L Gist. Can't wait to be back in my home state tomorrow... https://t.co/TFyzcRD68Q
How have you been inspired by the women in your life? #wednesdaywisdom #internationalwomensday #wayswomeninspireme… https://t.co/SdePA2Gdgw
How have you been inspired by the women in your life? #wednesdaywisdom #internationalwomensday... https://t.co/axQipaE1nk
Headed to Nashville, Indiana this weekend. Saturday from 8-11PM I'll be at The Pine Room / Muddy Boots - Meals &... https://t.co/TObPdW7DRA
Performing at the Billy Block Show in 2014. Amazing guy. Legend. #honored #waybackwednesday https://t.co/44boBxL3XO
But the struggles make me stronger And the changes make me wise ~ Gary Allan #truth #musicmonday https://t.co/ovwcZdNeOy
Missing Venice Beach. Time to book out there again. Belcourt Taps tonight at 6PM with the Trio. #thursdaynight... https://t.co/2ZVRjjxFAI
We'll be performing as a trio this week! Stop in and wait out traffic with us at Belcourt Taps! #livemusic... https://t.co/oQ7tSUhz8U
If you've got love, you've got everything. ~ Don Pedigo #loveeveryday #happyvalentinesday https://t.co/fVxpXPtQ7I
My girls will be over at Bridgestone Arena watching Ariana Grande and I'll be joining Tawnya Reynolds at... https://t.co/Uih2YGBhHW
My performance skills have majorly increased over the past 10 months opening for this bunch of jokers! I find... https://t.co/1kwG5qOOFW
I'm gonna be really honest and let you all know that Kenny Rogers has always been my musical idol. When I scroll... https://t.co/HEv4RtW30J
Debuting a new song I wrote with John Goodwin called "Everybody's Psychic, " tomorrow night! #livemusic #nashville https://t.co/E33tySF203
Debuting a new song I wrote with John Goodwin called "Everybody's Psychic, " tomorrow night! #livemusic #nashville https://t.co/9sQMuFKDC8
Debuting a new song I wrote with John Goodwin called "Everybody's Psychic, " tomorrow night! #livemusic #nashville https://t.co/v74Dm7gKrc
Just submitted to score some airplay on Twisted Roots Radio Show! #Indie #collegeradio https://t.co/gFi6LO2O4D https://t.co/nrTDej0px4
Wanted to share a clip for my cover of #joanne by @ladygaga. Link below. #ladygaga #pepsihalftime #SB51 #xoxoJoanne… https://t.co/faSfKCkaPq
Playing some music downtown tonight with my buddy Tawnya Reynolds. Margaritaville, Nashville 6-10! #barstoolgig https://t.co/1NehAhqRNk
Looking forward to sharing a first look at what's happening in 2017. Tonight at 7PM tune in to WBRT 97.1 FM, 1320... https://t.co/ybfHsuedxB
Just wanted to say thanks to Earl Bud Lee for getting us some great seats to see Steve Earle at the City Winery... https://t.co/mONIpTfr37
Had the pleasure of interviewing with @mary_kutter for @WBRT1320. #MaryKuttersCountryMusicHour is 1/19 @ 7PM. #BRTV… https://t.co/YC5ozdBSdU
We who believe in Freedom cannot rest until it comes. ~Prathia Hall, inspiration for the "I Have a Dream" speech… https://t.co/TkuCKuYrfu
We who believe in Freedom cannot rest until it comes. ~Prathia Hall, inspiration for the "I Have a Dream" speech... https://t.co/gcdhN9gLUT
Hey friends, been on a Facebook hiatus the past couple years. Kim pointed out all the birthday love I was... https://t.co/1uktb1N5Mq
Belcourt Taps tonight at 6PM! Head to my website for other tour dates, music, and updates. #thursdaynight #nashville https://t.co/kLyw8d0AOQ
#TinyDeskConcert for @nprmusic #tinydeskcontest2017 Joe Dickey-bass. Nick Diomedes-drums. @chriscondongtr -guitar.… https://t.co/KJTizt8G9I
Who will you be this year and every year? #tuesdaytruth https://t.co/klvX0xxB1L
Who will you be this year and every year? #tuesdaytruth https://t.co/xm8AyTXZhh
Happy Birthday to my best friend! #kimmy https://t.co/t6Kao5H1MK
Interesting read for a Thursday night. #thursdaynight #grammys #musicbusiness https://t.co/zqm5EFVzqc
Picking and grinning in the sunroom. This year has kicked off to a great start. Hope yours has too! #happynewyear https://t.co/g6xdtbHWut
Hey guess what my Christmas tree's still up. Picking and grinning in the sunroom. This year has kicked off to a... https://t.co/ssTBAMjfV6
Shot while recording my 1st #Nashville album. Just finished rehearsing for the new one. #tt #omnistudios… https://t.co/Curw4WAgii
Shot during the making of my first Nashville album "What I Was Running From." iTunes link below. Just finished... https://t.co/Ot2k4QM7R7
#fbf to meeting my hero, John Prine, for the first time. Great man. Amazing artist. https://t.co/ZUGXftTH7y
This is my favorite picture of me with my Dad and brother at our family cabins in Indiana. #tbt #family https://t.co/ln7AN92Q7d
So often in this fast paced world we compartmentalize our faith. Go to church on Sunday and hours later be... https://t.co/2JVlQrlInG
Try 1, 000 times. #wednesdaywisdom Mary Anne Radmacher https://t.co/R7DYJLnpCe
In memory of an old friend. I woke up again today! I have a reason to love and a purpose for living. Live big and f… https://t.co/UKL1aNv5i4
In memory of an old friend, Billy Block. I woke up again today! I have a reason to love and a purpose for living.... https://t.co/MDp6dnJfYL
Giving and receiving are the same. I choose to give love in all things. #TuesdayTruth https://t.co/Qj76UB76f9
Just a thought for today. #motivationalmonday @NapoleonHillFdn https://t.co/IDM2zZoytD
Just a thought for today. #motivationalmonday Napoleon Hill https://t.co/cCusiYd9bk
The Abbots came to a packed Belcourt Taps last night. Haven't seen them since the summer with Tawnya Reynolds.... https://t.co/fuKU9U0h9v
My morning workout jam. When I was a kid I went to buy #shakedownstreet and they didn't have it but they had... https://t.co/hUK1diDID1
Tonight at 6PM at Belcourt Taps. Let's rock. https://t.co/BbTpqi6Zwq
LIVE on #Periscope: Jonah live https://t.co/JQXX39TMYE
How do you get to Carnegie hall? #wednesdaywisdom https://t.co/7mfLn2LgS4
How do you get to Carnegie hall? #wednesdaywisdom https://t.co/GLyolU7C8z
Today I liberate all that I see and let love decide. #TuesdayMotivation https://t.co/74nx80rhMK
Today I liberate all that I see and let love decide. #tuesdaymotivation https://t.co/PCG46OcT5S
@BelcourtTaps, I'm back. This Thursday. 6PM. #thursdaynightout https://t.co/PTn3CZBQtz
Belcourt Taps, I'm back. This Thursday. 6PM. #thursdaynightout https://t.co/1U2iyiGE3m
Remember that the best is yet to come. Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer. ~Ernest... https://t.co/n5lQFiXu4j
#tbt to the day that guy stole my guitar. Play it cool. Play it hard. ~ DON PEDIGO & John Goodwin The Building https://t.co/Q1QsVgiR03
Watch and smile my friends #andygriffith #joypath https://t.co/Vrn1qBVWEl
How do you get to give today? #givingtuesday #winstonchurchill https://t.co/aEuXy1gB5i
How do you get to give today? #givingtuesday #winstonchurchill https://t.co/PL7ouG62kw
Check out Kassie Wilson & her song for the holidays written w/ @TawnyaReynolds. #musicmonday #seasonsgreetings https://t.co/GRnX6MEJSw
Check out the talented Kassie Music and her new video for this holiday season. Written with the amazing Tawnya... https://t.co/0awquBKtcQ
When holiday shoppin, remember If you’ve got love You’ve got everything @DONPEDIGO & @SusanRuthism #blackfriday https://t.co/wwZyb65QlI
When you're shopping today and for the holidays, just remember If you’ve got love You’ve got everything ~ DON... https://t.co/KDUIWjyu8h
It's the season for giving and being thankful. How can you show the folks in your life you're thankful for them... https://t.co/rSCnrgcK8j
I won't be @BelcourtTaps this Thursday due to the holiday. Eat some turkey. Be with family. See you Thursday 12/1 a… https://t.co/aVqX1fZzT8
I won't be at Belcourt Taps this Thursday due to the holiday. Eat some turkey. Be with family. See you on... https://t.co/L0gV3k2E1c
Thanksgiving travelers, I don’t know where you’re headed I’m just fillin’ up on your love and cheap unleaded ~… https://t.co/2XB9Tk5yS5
For those of you traveling this week for Thanksgiving, I don’t know where you’re headed I’m just fillin’ up on... https://t.co/QyTp0Naptx
When it starts getting colder this season, remember. #nobodysleepsalone https://t.co/HWOFFbjg1B
#tbt to the show @IUBloomington for The Weekly Special on @wtiu. #thespiritofjimmyreed https://t.co/LPzEWVje1r
#tbt to the show at Indiana University for The Weekly Special on WTIU Public Television. #thespiritofjimmyreed https://t.co/x2SApbnIkK
What expresses you? #wednesdaywisdom https://t.co/KBO6SlIEk4
What expresses you? #wednesdaywisdom https://t.co/Knkp4epnIs
I've been burning up @WMOT_RootsRadio, the new Americana station out of Murfreesboro, since I've been home. Super c… https://t.co/rY9rn6Hyk5
Deadwood guitar courtesy of @EarlBudLee & #PCB. 2 of my favorite things. @OCChoppers, y’all missing #PCB yet, too?!… https://t.co/mgMWP2PorD
My man @chriscondongtr rockin it out at the guitar community showcase. Check him out. #nashville #guitarsdaily https://t.co/E22I25B6xf
Pre-production and some strummin on a 69' Gibson J-50 today before the show @BelcourtTaps. https://t.co/hh9uEUkGQX
Pre-production and some strummin on a 69' Gibson J-50 today before the show at Belcourt Taps. https://t.co/3IRYZbb589
It's me solo @BelcourtTaps tomorrow night. Kick back. Relax. Boys are back next month. #nashville… https://t.co/qClgoeOX3K
It's me solo at Belcourt Taps tomorrow night. Kick back. Relax. Boys are back next month. #nashville... https://t.co/zehz42MzzP
#landofthefreeandhomeofthebrave 🤘 https://t.co/txzCdSgIrD
Hours before doing this #SunKissed vid, my feet were in the snow at the #GrandCanyon comin down from an amazing… https://t.co/wme9Mg9RSr
Happy Birthday to the late great Gram Parsons. Here's a video from my tribute group Grand Persons a couple years... https://t.co/M92VeiILcs
Polly Pedigo making me proud at her recital. #itrunsinthefamily @austinpeay @APSUMusic https://t.co/uIOyXB7K3E
That red dress baby, I said let's go out tonight ~ @DONPEDIGO #thursdayisthenewfriday #tbt @harleydavidson of #pcb… https://t.co/BI3UuVcjng
That red dress baby, I said let's go out tonight ~ DON PEDIGO #thursdayisthenewfriday #tbt Harley-Davidson of... https://t.co/gZP0DCTjxC
1-0 Cubs. Here we go! #Game7
Pic:@sarahcomo “We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.”… https://t.co/zwuBBaa1j3
How can you impact someone positively today? Flash a smile. Sing a song. Photo by Sarah Como. “We change the... https://t.co/OiB7FbjouO
@BelcourtTaps #Nashville https://t.co/5HfRtzoJOX
I'm back at Belcourt Taps on November 10th at 6PM! #Nashville https://t.co/CZELRaNI4H
#tbt to last October. When it feels like one of those cloudy days, remember. Cause one day the clouds will part, ... https://t.co/pnK80mn9CI
@harleydavidson of #pcb and the @ThunderBeach Rally was a blast! #ty for another great show. Video cred: Baby Suzie… https://t.co/Qfeez9Wuz4
Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach and the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally was a blast! Thanks for another great... https://t.co/BdUeN54yGv
Big thank you to Red Rae's Restaurant for having me twice this past weekend. Until next time. #ty #LonelyinStLucie… https://t.co/sA335cYOfj
Big thank you to Red Rae's Restaurant for having me twice this past weekend. Until next time. #ty #LonelyinStLucie https://t.co/PMPa7ZQim9
Started writing a new song yesterday. The idea came to me while picking up seashells in the ocean. #musicmonday #pcb https://t.co/z1yVCh4WNk
Started writing a new song yesterday. The idea came to me while picking up seashells in the ocean. #musicmonday #pcb https://t.co/dnie7atqmx
Had a blast rounding out this run at Red Rae's! Thanks guys y'all are the best! #straightuplouisianababy https://t.co/DelFL5VgnM
Thanks Marta and the gang at @pcbharley for having me! We had a blast! #thunderbeach2016pcb https://t.co/lCO1vzuJJB
Not gonna lie the weather is rad in PCB! Looking forward to my 1:30 acoustic band set at #pcbharleydavidson... https://t.co/4BA8IuURJQ
@TheWorldOfFunny @TawnyaReynolds1 @vine 😂!!!!!!!!
The show @ Red Rae's Restaurant has been bumped to 5PM! Headed there once I’m done @ThunderBeach Rally. Got to meet… https://t.co/R9AemFYr5N
Perfect day here in PCB! Looking forward to a full band set! #pcbthunderbeach2016 https://t.co/2clvjX3sY8
#tbt to one of the residency shows at Belcourt Taps. I'm comin back on November 10th at 6PM! #missmississippi https://t.co/4gV0ON1ML0
#phish #ascend #nashville https://t.co/LBvM5iTTCS
@JohnPrineMusic #wednesdaywisdom Headed to Florida. https://t.co/45YaLM34i0
John Prine #wednesdaywisdom Headed to Florida. https://t.co/8623Zlb3gI
3 more days! Friday @ 1:30pm & Saturday @ 2pm I'll be @harleydavidson of Panama City Beach @ThunderBeach Rally.… https://t.co/oQeaP0DwuN
Just a few more days! This Friday at 1:30pm and Saturday at 2:00pm I'll be at the Harley-Davidson of Panama City... https://t.co/RPg3AC6ayg
RT @ThunderBeach: It's on! https://t.co/8xKJkA8rPo
Stopped at a pistachio farm/winery on the way from Ruidoso, NM to El Paso, TX. #ontheroad https://t.co/dH6dKsMwO4
Stopped at a pistachio farm/winery on the way from Ruidoso, NM to El Paso, TX. #ontheroad https://t.co/qcsuzXPqSM
I know what I'm listening to on the way to Florida now. David Bromberg Quintet & Band just released a new album.... https://t.co/BCSeoiaXoT
#tbt to Christmas 2013 @harleydavidson of Panama City Beach. I'm headed back for another show on the 21st @ 1:30PM… https://t.co/acunkvsNlO
#tbt to Christmas 2013 at Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach. I'm headed back for another show on the 21st at... https://t.co/ngLZCwig0i
To the fighters and the farmers digging dusty fields alone ~ @JasonIsbell #liveoak #nationalfarmersday https://t.co/2yA0xYI2A6
To the fighters and the farmers digging dusty fields alone ~ Jason Isbell #liveoak #nationalfarmersday https://t.co/GuPRvX3uuG
Headed to Florida soon for the @ThunderBeach Motorcycle Rally. I'll be at Red Rae's Restaurant twice while I'm down… https://t.co/z6X6bX6jA1
Headed to Florida soon for the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally. I'll be at Red Rae's Restaurant twice while I'm... https://t.co/TcUa0vOhmj
@TawnyaReynolds1 rockin it @ the #LincolnCountyCowboySymposium Sat. night. Always an honor performing a… https://t.co/lmvkwHjjnh
Tawnya Reynolds rocking it at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium on Saturday night. It's always an honor to be... https://t.co/5FXtar8t6Z
RT @TroubadourShow: NP today on The @TroubadourShow - @DONPEDIGO 'The Spirit Of Jimmy Reed' from excellent album The Cross Eyed Sessions https://t.co/GVTdAi47xo
Always a good time jammin with Tawnya Reynolds on stage. Can't wait to join her tomorrow at 7:00pm at the Lincoln... https://t.co/DPxKuSIxOb
Been resting up and hanging with spirit dancers up in #Taos #newmexico . Stringing up the #epiphoneemporer and... https://t.co/3XVIiTwgvU
Any favorite songs you want to hear on the next record? https://t.co/eu8gLOYEbG
Any favorite songs you want to hear on the next record?
Haven't heard @JohnPrineMusic's new album? It's definitely worth the listen. #forbetterorworse #americanalegend… https://t.co/cLTTnZxRjk
If you haven't had a chance to hear John Prine's new album, it's definitely worth the listen. #forbetterorworse... https://t.co/zSt55LTHdw
Friday, 10/21 @ 1:30PM I'll be @harleydavidson in Panama City Beach for the @ThunderBeach rally. @TAMPAHDGROUP https://t.co/SODHFH7I6V
Friday, October 21st at 1:30PM I'll be at Harley-Davidson of Panama City Beach part of the Panama City Beach... https://t.co/w3rQqRh5XJ
Gearing up for this new album. If you haven't yet, check out the video for Monsters written by myself and Scott... https://t.co/E1gogP90MC
Enjoying some studio time today! Preproduction in process. Can't wait for this new album. https://t.co/533FilMb0v
What a week last week. Such amazing artists at #americanafest. Like @TheBonnieRaitt said, we "don't quite fit into… https://t.co/nEtqcMu0be
What a week last week. So many great artists coming together for the Americana Music Festival. Like Bonnie Raitt... https://t.co/gCsk7gR7lI
Excited to share the stage again with Tawnya Reynolds at the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium. New Mexico here we... https://t.co/GNdmhCk6sj
On the road again! @TawnyaReynolds1 & I head back to Ruidoso, NM for the #LincolnCountyCowboySymposium. Shows 10/7… https://t.co/EpMOaVWb4a
On the road again! Tawnya Reynolds and I head back to Ruidoso, NM next Friday, 10/7 for the Lincoln County Cowboy... https://t.co/J6QOdjFksk
#ty to Michael Young, huge supporter of The Cross Eyed Sessions. Excited to start recording the next album.@WFPK… https://t.co/NZxNL8nqlj
Thank you to the pioneering Michael Young and one of the biggest supporters of The Cross Eyed Sessions. So... https://t.co/v7rHjsTYGW
Start off your night of Americana Week at Belcourt Taps tomorrow at 6:00PM. Celebrate Americana. Grab a drink.... https://t.co/SZQl7CXAui
Start off your night of Americana Week @BelcourtTaps tomorrow @ 6PM. Enjoy the festival! @AmericanaFest… https://t.co/7HAPJpopSG
Tomorrow at 6:30PM Nashville celebrates Americana. Proud to be a part of such an amazing community of artists.... https://t.co/yDIcKyW1k8
Kickin it one more time at @vhollowell and aunt KK's Townhouse Cafe! #indiana #townhousecafe #seymour #ontheroad https://t.co/EtfZqZWGWQ
Man we've sure had a blast back home in Indiana! One more show tonight at 7! #littlenashville https://t.co/Vqlp9iaN9Z
Having a blast back home in Indiana! Beautiful day for a winery show! #livemusic #winetime #tawnyareynolds https://t.co/4GKcrPmqnC
Great times at THE BLUEBIRD in Vallonia, IN last night. @tawnyareynolds1 are ready for round two this afternoon!... https://t.co/8O9vgCN2wl
FYI! Get there early for the best seats! #indiana #livemusic https://t.co/wGrBzKBVr2
Enjoy your Sunday fun day with Tawnya Reynolds and I at Salt Creek Winery from 1pm-4pm in Freetown this weekend.... https://t.co/7hddHNCH1I
9/18 enjoy Sunday Funday w/ @TawnyaReynolds1 & I @ #SaltCreekWinery 1-4pm in Freetown. See you soon Indiana! https://t.co/ivq5LWkWRo
Can't wait to see Karen Hollowell and Val Hollowell this Saturday. Tawnya Reynolds and I will be doing a concert... https://t.co/Q0689r0QCM
Excited to see Karen & Val Hollowell on Saturday. @TawnyaReynolds1 & I'll be doing a concert @ their place. #family https://t.co/jPuXbXqznh
Tawnya Reynolds and I are back for another round of shows in Indiana, so start your round of drinks this Friday, ... https://t.co/IL33kYOtx5
@TawnyaReynolds1 & I are in Indiana for another round of shows. Start your round of drinks 9/16 @ Bluebird Cafe 9PM https://t.co/flafd1Nn1z
@Jonnie_W thanks brother I really appreciate it! Best to you in your travels!
Live with the boys in Nashville at Belcourt Taps https://t.co/HkKySMGJuN
Live with the boys in Nashville at Belcourt Taps https://t.co/jJnTFtmVRz
Nashville just got a little more Americana in the airwaves. Excited to tune in to @WMOT_RootsRadio @MusicCityRoots https://t.co/X2DR3NPS81
Labor Day being over doesn't mean we can't still have a good time. Back at it 9/8 @ 6pm @BelcourtTaps @GigTownMusic https://t.co/y0Naix4FA5
Just because Labor Day weekend is over doesn't mean we can't still have a good time, right? The gang is back at... https://t.co/kCyAzqMnvx
Looking forward to seeing all our friends in Little Nashville, IN on our way west! Big thanks to Big Woods... https://t.co/nXbkCIXefN
Hey Indiana! We are rolling through in a few weeks! Here's another stop for your calendars! #ontheroadagain https://t.co/rOYaMJ70Fq
The Americana Music Association is giving Bob Weir the Lifetime Achievement Performer award this year at the... https://t.co/yQ4miE7aX2
RT @NashvillePlaces: Latest buzz and reviews for Belcourt Taps & Tapas: https://t.co/upmZ5UwHLn - RT @DONPEDIGO The residency at Belcourt Taps continues with ...
The residency @BelcourtTaps continues Thursday, Sep. 8 @ 6PM. #Nashville @GigTownMusic #Americana #AmazingGrace https://t.co/IxLx8vWHZw
The residency at Belcourt Taps continues with the Spaghetti Western Band Thursday, September 8th at 6 PM. New... https://t.co/AXmBTPgzX6
#fbf to when I played w/ Earl Bud Lee @BelcourtTaps. Catch me next time on 9/9 @ 6PM. #ty #greatvenue #greatpeople https://t.co/Cz9Xtl7cOH
@kaseytodd @BelcourtTaps @SwanPercussion you crushed it tonight!
Live from Nashville https://t.co/bVNAg9AMNa
Show time at 6PM @BelcourtTaps. Stick around for a comedy show at 7PM, the @eric_stuart band at 8PM, & more at 10PM! https://t.co/FaozaUYMDY
Almost show time! At 6 PM get ready for some surprises from myself and the Spaghetti Western Band. Stick around... https://t.co/MuQSUtzCsO
Today at 4:15 pm on WSM Radio, Tawnya Reynolds will be Live with Devon O'Day, Author-Radio Host-Event Speaker and... https://t.co/ZqB2JZpVnr
Tomorrow night at 6pm Nashville! Gonna be doing something a little different than what you seen before!... https://t.co/agxtnmomVT
Heads up, Indiana! Tawnya Reynolds and I will be playing the Bluebird in Vallonia Friday Sept 16th! https://t.co/PAu3GBu38v
That time Bud introduced me to @manuelcouture . Manuel was so kind to fit me and lemme pick a guitar given to him... https://t.co/d2bWbhv0YL
Thanks @BanksRadioAU for spinning my music! You guys rock! ⚡️
Bags are packed, but part of my soul lives here in NM. Last show 8/13 @ 1pm w/ @TawnyaReynolds1 @ No Scum Saloon. https://t.co/pBaim4ch1s
Bags are packed, but part of my soul will always be here in New Mexico. One last show tomorrow at 1:00 PM with... https://t.co/PrBObkNjnz
LIVE on #Periscope: Small town Maze Taos New Mexico https://t.co/sh8Yk02lUw
10am tomorrow look for an acoustic version of Monsters on @NoiseTrade & FB. Just a lil sneak peek of the new album. https://t.co/r9yCM75SfP
Free music giveaway! Tomorrow at 10am I'm super excited to share an acoustic version of Monsters on NoiseTrade.... https://t.co/tAkTEsNjnK
Only a few more shows left in New Mexico! Tawnya Reynolds and I are at Eske's Brew Pub this Friday, August 12th.... https://t.co/YTZ4Wn2qgW
Classic #clinescorner #truenewmexico https://t.co/dQWLFdvXLT
Tomorrow at 7:30pm @TawnyaReynolds1 & I will be @ElFarolSantaFe​. Loving the people & sights here in New Mexico! https://t.co/ErMfMgK2dZ
Tomorrow at 7:30pm Tawnya Reynolds and I will be at El Farol. Loving the people and sights here in New Mexico! https://t.co/0D7gRmVCUr
My good friend David Myhre Music killed it last night at the #tanyatuckerconcert. Thanks for the great seats man!... https://t.co/0gGD0Bu8Ph
#ruidoso is lovely today! #graceomalleys #livemusic #tawnyareynolds #purenewmexico #newmexicotrue https://t.co/5w59v2fPEV
Ready to cheer on Team USA for #Rio2016! What is your favorite event? https://t.co/rEzDs4gNDq
Ready to cheer on Team USA for #Rio2016! What is your favorite event? #OpeningCeremony https://t.co/Ha8c4tHxRR
On Wednesday, August 10 at 7:30pm, Tawnya Reynolds and I are headed to El Farol. Car playlist ready to go.... https://t.co/tidbRP2sFM
Hanging w this guy #raykennedy #preproduction #newmusic ⚡️ https://t.co/mrelLGvzTk
@TawnyaReynolds1 & I will be @ The Clubhouse 8/8 @ 7PM. It's been there since the 30's according to @DiscoverRuidoso https://t.co/aYQiJJ3q1n
Tawnya Reynolds and I will also be at The Clubhouse Monday, August 8th at 7:00 PM. It's been there since the... https://t.co/mKQUgF22kR
Second stop on tour with Tawnya Reynolds is Grace O'Malley's Irish Pub. Show is Sunday, August 7th at 12:00 PM.... https://t.co/19JmJd2SqM
2nd stop on tour w/ @TawnyaReynolds1 is Grace O'Malley's Irish Pub 8/7 12PM. PS You don't need to be Irish to attend https://t.co/CRbbP3uWdt
I'm on tour all next week in New Mexico with the amazing @TawnyaReynolds1. First is Billy the Kid Pageant 8/6 @ 6pm. https://t.co/OAQnZdxt0V
#ty to @BelcourtTaps for another great night! Good bein on stage w/ the Spaghetti Western Band. See ya in 1 month! https://t.co/uxYatIfSBb
Thanks again to Belcourt Taps for another great night! Good to be back on stage with the Spaghetti Western Band.... https://t.co/7lz6hl91yq
Just a sad man 🎶 live at @BelcourtTaps #donpedigo https://t.co/5vCLeXt4yq
#Monsters #musicvideo @TheHilsonStudio @TheAltRootMag @rootsmusreport @AmericanaFest https://t.co/TiqSTr6nau https://t.co/570oT4wl4C
We’re back @BelcourtTaps this Thursday 7/28 at 6PM! Come out for live music, good food & drinks. No cover. https://t.co/Po8koqD1Qi
We’re back at Belcourt Taps this Thursday at 6PM! Love this room for a full band show. Come out for live music, ... https://t.co/JyA9LTB1YF
Gotta watch the sunrise after a seven hour gig this morning. Thank you Tawnya Reynolds for the great gig and... https://t.co/JFCEjFhJSr
Sharin the stage @ 9 @uncommongrd w/ @LizChids. Look out for a new track tonight at the show & check out the video. https://t.co/f6y6YONivt
Good times today recording #caupodcast with Michael Teach. See you at Uncommon Ground on Clark tonight at 9!... https://t.co/2axuSe3Qxi
After Chicago this Friday I'm hauling ass to the Indy airport and headed for Vermont! Playing a private party... https://t.co/s3Xnu8m9lJ
After Chicago this Friday I'm hauling ass to the Indy airport and headed for Vermont! Playing a private party... https://t.co/NI0Q6n3lL6
Hey Nashvillians! Since you won't be in Chicago to see me Friday head over to Belcourt Taps and check out my... https://t.co/YaYIcB8mif
Some nightmares feel too real. Love is the inner hero's only refuge in darkness. Video for my new song Monsters... https://t.co/YcYRcsb2NU
wordsoncanvas's photo https://t.co/bJnoT4krRV
Just when I thought I might sleep in... #earlymorninginspiration #brandnewsong #donpedigomusic https://t.co/N9O6hbb1TU
One week from today Liz Chidester and I will be in the music room at Uncommon Ground in Lakeview. July 22nd from... https://t.co/Q8MQcaCJPX
Live from @BelcourtTaps with the Spaghetti Western #livemusic #nashville @GigTownMusic https://t.co/bEP9SkNa3H
#oneyouhaventheard https://t.co/mQGf5lJciB
@BelcourtTaps tomorrow at 6pm w/ the band. Come on out Nashville friends and bring your neighbor. #NobodySleepsAlone https://t.co/Jc40pwPcCg
Back at Belcourt Taps tomorrow at 6pm with the band. Come on out Nashville friends and bring your neighbor.... https://t.co/Fu0fQjFQMV
I'm @BelcourtTaps 7/14 at 6pm for another show, and stay for some great comedy w/ host @NashDocVegas & @ChadRiden​. https://t.co/hFRS1VhkvS
I'll be back at Belcourt Taps this Thursday, July 14th at 6pm for another show. Be sure to stay after my set with... https://t.co/ttu80I6KsQ
Thanks Cheryl Long for this great shot fromFreetown Fest yesterday! I'm honored to have been invited. I'm doing a... https://t.co/JJB19PyoyG
July 10, 2016 Don Pedigo at The Salt Creek Winery ... https://t.co/IRmY8ak5vy
Freetown Fest was a blast! Having so much fun back home I'm gonna do a set tomorrow at The Salt Creek Winery... https://t.co/CkC4rCyeGe
DON PEDIGO has a show on 07/09/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Freetown Fest in Freetown, IN https://t.co/EQMmfuytlH https://t.co/tjYR8S1Xqz
DON PEDIGO has a show on 07/09/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Freetown Fest in Freetown, IN https://t.co/EQMmfuytlH #concert
The #FreetownJulyFestival is this weekend in Freetown, Indiana! Great lineup. I'm on stage Saturday at 6:00pm. https://t.co/uMzXQMz2XZ
Indiana, what else could there be Indiana, sure looks like home to me ~Don Pedigo #Indiana The Freetown July... https://t.co/fWR0uyNNUs
Broke a string @RiverviewFest, so #31wband loaned me a guitar & later had me pay tribute to @merlehaggard with them. https://t.co/enjQSoRkSi
I forgot my backpack with my thumb picks and harmonicas in it on Saturday. When I broke a string, these guys... https://t.co/6ih17FlL9p
Headed back home Saturday for the Freetown July Festival in Freetown, IN. I hit the stage at 6pm. #happy4thofjuly https://t.co/fyo2yzIhs5
#ty to the @RiverviewFest, @louisvillemayor, Councilman Rick Blackwell, and @wave3news for having me play Saturday. https://t.co/4vmd712Dom
Thank you so much to the Riverview Independence Festival, Mayor Greg Fischer, Councilman Rick Blackwell, and WAVE... https://t.co/gGAvKYRgAd
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/Cn3n0Ak5rs
Louisville Riverview Independence Festival https://t.co/KoVVgRBbEZ
Tomorrow at 3pm the @RiverviewFest kicks off! I hit the stage at 5pm, and then fireworks are at 10pm. https://t.co/gEY9DiSIGs
Did some writing with @dmacband on the patio @BelcourtTaps the other day. I'll be performing there again 7/14 @ 6pm. https://t.co/GS6kqTKgiL
Did some writing with Dave McElroy on the patio at Belcourt Taps the other day, and I'll be performing there... https://t.co/r0u8X4bf1l
Selfie time with this little rascal! #babysuzie https://t.co/Z1149ARzjT
@JDSHELBURNE is also performing @RiverviewFest Saturday @ 8pm. Can't wait for the festival. Playing in good company. https://t.co/wTbmQz144S
Saturday, 7/2 kick off your 4th @RiverviewFest in Louisville, Kentucky. The festival starts at 3pm; I play at 5pm. https://t.co/Xb2dWFMbLQ
This Saturday, July 2nd kick off your 4th at the Riverview Independence Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. The... https://t.co/QgenVZZJs3
I'll be in Indiana for the Freetown July Festival Saturday, 7/9 @ 6pm with @Isaackenneth19 & the Long Family Singers https://t.co/rGWHtB5uMM
I'll be back in Indiana for the Freetown July Festival Saturday, July 9th at 6:00pm. Can't wait to celebrate with... https://t.co/XHmWcwPaIn
Good times at Taps last night! If you missed it make sure to mark your calendars and plan to stay after our set.... https://t.co/IpSQQw7bP4
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/yek1RyXVRv
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/CsNBkrnV5C
LIVE on #Periscope: Like trying to stop a train rehearsal w Adam beard nashville Tennessee https://t.co/A0XibPjUx0
Working on my craft everyday. #noodling https://t.co/529tE63glR
RT @NashvillePlaces: Ha! Another mention for @belcourttaptap: https://t.co/zQ8OH3uUBI - RT @DONPEDIGO This Thursday, 6/23 at 6:00pm the residency continues at...
6/23 & every other Thursday this year @ 6pm the residency continues @BelcourtTaps with my band. Photo by @sarahcomo https://t.co/1kABWcjpz6
This Thursday, 6/23 at 6:00pm the residency continues at Belcourt Taps with my band. So pumped that I get to... https://t.co/t27ARt3JNa
Chillin on the deck and working out new tunes. Got my #1 Dad shirt on. It's record time and the music's in... https://t.co/GJuzMxsw6z
He's given me so much inspiration on truly living this life with no regrets. Not sure he knew though that I'd... https://t.co/zjCfGx0eGK
RT @dmacband: It's always great to write with crazy talented artists like @DONPEDIGO #singersongwriters #nashville #creativity https://t.co/7n0CSHvIRu
The magic was revealed last night! #praisethelord dmacband's photo https://t.co/2ZIJEXZZwv
Hanging & writing with my friend Ricky Randolph @BobbysIdleHour, he got me up to play a couple weeks ago. #fbf https://t.co/EVton7YBTS
I was hanging and writing with my friend Ricky Randolph at the historic Bobby's Idle Hour, and he got me up to... https://t.co/EbzbEDLGGg
When you can't bring your own drummer, you make one! #stompbox https://t.co/3ahpsbuh9j
When you can't bring your own drummer, you make one! #stompbox https://t.co/6M2MI1Fhj7
Writing is even more rewarding with this guy, Dave McElroy. Alley Taps https://t.co/9tBlEOQx7W
Every show needs a good hotel warmup. #Jonah #musicmonday https://t.co/xYo8gy0Hxt
Sometimes you gotta improvise #hillbilly101 #sundaychill
Dang it's hot in #musicityusa ! https://t.co/WK4XIIeuXk
Good times at Friday Fest in #louisville last night! Thanks councilman Peden and John Grantz for having me!... https://t.co/KxSpcwos2N
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/DKyNJ7gP8e
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/apU8vx8T4q
Friend & co-writer John Goodwin was crucial for my last album. Check out this track he did with @Mike___McDonald. https://t.co/LWVdyAK71o
This Friday, 6/10 @ 7PM I get to share the stage with the incredible @v_grooveville for FridayFest At Highview Park! https://t.co/cFgFIUvl2k
I want to thank @KPIG Radio for being a huge supporter of my music. You guys are a big part of my charting success. https://t.co/fmUmFXgZzU
Happy Birthday Robert Englund! Very cool that he got to see me play a few months ago. https://t.co/DHFEwkLksP
Happy Birthday @RobertBEnglund! Very cool that he got to see me play a few months ago. https://t.co/gXgntT82SE
It's cool that I'm in town writing and making a record, but I've gotta PLAY! It's my life-force. Cannot wait to... https://t.co/sh1j2UC4aD
Cannot wait to be back @BelcourtTaps 6/23 continuing my residency. Thanks to Rose & the gang for this opportunity. https://t.co/wxr4YUKIon
On 7/22, @LizChids and I will be at @uncommongrd - Lakeview in Chicago. Photo by @sarahcomo https://t.co/1ewWCmQ7NL https://t.co/BmPDsjxO8Z
On July 22nd, Liz Chidester and I will be at Uncommon Ground - Lakeview in Chicago. Show's from 9-11pm. Click on... https://t.co/7oF3Ec2bYE
"Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way... https://t.co/IcYFT0CjLq
"Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world" #love #drhawkins
Still high off of last night's gig @BelcourtTaps with the band. Excited for the residency starting on June 23rd. https://t.co/zFboIXeTPa
Still high off of last night's gig at Belcourt Taps. These songs sounded like they were supposed to sound with... https://t.co/xw1XHiDeI6
Thank you @BelcourtTaps for last night. Looking forward to kicking off the residency June 23 #livemusic
Rocking @BelcourtTaps tonight. 1st of residency every other thurs #americana #missmississippi https://t.co/fui7WS0QU7
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/xUiqRUybD1
A song about my Dad Man https://t.co/AiEd70VLIQ
Chris has a #danelectrotwelvestring ! See you at #belcourttaps tomorrow 6pm! #bringingtheband https://t.co/XSaNOGjO7m
I don't pick what I write so much as what I write picks me. Genres are like flavors and I hope to have one for every occasion. @DONPEDIGO
I don't pick what I write so much as what I write picks me. Genres are like flavors and I hope to have one for... https://t.co/tt56dI6jpB
Thursday at 6pm I'll begin my residency @BelcourtTaps with my band! So excited for this Thursday's set! https://t.co/e08magNWWC
Thursday, May 26th starting at 6pm I'll begin my residency at Belcourt Taps and Tapas with my band! So excited... https://t.co/wOEzoYIcQo
LIVE on #Periscope: Rocket Man w Buck https://t.co/V7IQeT9phU
Doing for others IS doing for yourself just like to give IS to receive. Nothing is lost, gained or lacking in... https://t.co/qk1QlXaBih
My little girl graduates high school today! #pollypedigo #classof2016 #proudpapa https://t.co/mzokKGogD3
Doing for others is doing for yourself just like giving is receiving #questionwhatyouvebeentaught
Excited to announce I'll be setting up residency at Belcourt Taps and Tapas with my band and special guests for... https://t.co/aeoh672tKa
Excited to be setting up residency @Tapthatmuzik for the rest of the year! 1st show 5/26 at 6pm Photo by @sarahcomo https://t.co/thOLQRfvm2
In spite of ourselves We'll end up a sittin' on a rainbow @JohnPrineMusic #MusicMonday https://t.co/gr4MS8xb5V
In spite of ourselves We'll end up a sittin' on a rainbow Against all odds Honey, we're the big door prize John... https://t.co/xDR2BvnW84
Virginia Cannon presents Emma Feldman Music, Jordan Umbach Music, Lexi Peto, AdaBoY, Emily Otteson Music, Rick... https://t.co/G873cotRoY
Life was closing in I just knew, I just knew I couldn't take it That's when Love opened it's arms #StillWouldStandAllTime @prince
Life was closing in I just knew, I just knew I couldn't take it That's when Love opened it's arms, and if you... https://t.co/JuMNDSZk6g
There ain't nothing you can't handle out there ain't nothing bigger than your heart. Kris Kristofferson #GoodMorningJohn
#fbf to the show at Aloft Hotel with some of the cast of The Walking Dead. Kyla Kenedy doing the rap. https://t.co/QcK5QOQPfg
Behind me is my publisher, & across the street I did my 1st cowriting session with @JamesHouse & Earl Bud Lee. #tbt https://t.co/NoHkySad2A
Behind me is my publisher Work With Me Music. I did my first cowriting session ever across the street with James... https://t.co/Wpl7ZAqk7n
Take a look @IanMcFeronMusic. He's another great guy on the Top 50 Roots Rock Album with me. @rootsmusreport https://t.co/NZmOZa7o1x
Just finished writing a song with @EarlBudLee & Ray Kennedy. Making music with these two legends. Life is good. https://t.co/ikSuhSchfn
Just finished writing a song with Earl Bud Lee and Ray Kennedy over at Ray's studio. Making music with these two... https://t.co/wLqAECCCFg
"You might write every day and throughout the course of a year you might get four songs that are really special." @DierksBentley
"As a songwriter, you might write every day and throughout the course of a year you might get four songs that are... https://t.co/U27N9I3Dgg
Wow. Three years ago today I started working with the Grammy Winning Producer Ray Kennedy. What an honor to make... https://t.co/HHiTmLWh6n
3 years ago today I began working w/ Grammy Winning Producer Ray Kennedy​. Honored to make music w/ this great man. https://t.co/l2GT4oTSmd
Just discovered the app @GigTownMusic that's great for finding local artists. See when I've got a gig near you! https://t.co/WLXpopDDJM
I've just discovered the awesome app GigTown. It is a great way to check out local artists in any city. You can... https://t.co/Bu8R0yfD7D
May 26, 2016 Don Pedigo at Belcourt Taps & Tapas... https://t.co/FY3LbOzHSq
May 20, 2016 Don Pedigo at On the Rox... https://t.co/HDerdx7Mfq
May 06, 2016 Don Pedigo at Aloft Nashville West End... https://t.co/Lk6wNpYi5N
If you missed it, here’s a link to the official video for She Turns Me On! https://t.co/fbn2pyrRyL https://t.co/tjdYvle9kH
Wow. Number 29! #ty Roots Music Report https://t.co/0z45ijgtCz
Wow. Number 29! #ty @rootsmusreport https://t.co/UGHLvG8syC
I know what it feels like to be the lonely one - The Lonely Ones #newmusic #lyrics https://t.co/T4qctE9SrP
When you think that you’re the only one That has no one to heal your heart or feel your love Some people can be... https://t.co/xeWHtbNGii
Thank you to Uncommon Ground, The Lost Brigade, and Megan Thomas for a great night of music. There is something... https://t.co/BvRKTLtyvO
Thank you to @uncommongrd​, @lostbrigadeband​, and Megan Thomas​ for a great night of music! #Chicago https://t.co/KUTQxVV51X
Live in Chicago tonight with Megan Thomas @uncommongrd. #Chicago https://t.co/7cJ9R8hrYs
Live in Chicago with Megan Thomas at Uncommon Ground tonight. #Chicago https://t.co/cubdjAJif2
Between the '76 Starfire and the two dollar bill from the toll booth I think I should play The Spirit of Jimmy... https://t.co/RzUC1FcxlY
Excited to share the stage with Megan Thomas tonight at Uncommon Ground! Show starts at 9pm. #livemusic #chicago https://t.co/sbYuGE0DhD
Such an honor playing last night with Sam Tate, Ricky Randolph, & Jerry Foster. What amazing writers & musicians! https://t.co/VZq8a0uW3V
Such an honor playing with Sam Tate, Ricky Randolph, and Jerry Foster last night. These hit makers have a had a... https://t.co/Pxy3QTaCru
Apr 13, 2016 Don Pedigo at Millennium Maxwell House Hotel... https://t.co/d9uJJ04Zjd
If you're in Chicago this Friday night, head to @uncommongrd! Rockin it out from 9-11pm with @lostbrigadeband. https://t.co/k2u4hWpi1x
If you're in Chicago this Friday night, head to Uncommon Ground! Rockin it out from 9-11pm with The Lost Brigade. https://t.co/qtpFOtigRQ
@TawnyaReynolds1 #letsride
"But fortunately I have the key to escape reality And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile." #JohnPrine #MusicMonday #illegalsmile
"But fortunately I have the key to escape reality And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile It don't cost... https://t.co/192BET7kT7
#TinPanSouth show tonight! Playing solo at the Aloft Hotel on Westend. 8:30-11. No pass required
#TinPanSouth show tonight! Playing solo at the Aloft Hotel on Westend. 8:30-11. No pass required
@tchapmanonline "Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing." https://t.co/r0HkdZqObn
"Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It's something I don't... https://t.co/KXDsCcK9TS
#TBT to playing with Sam Tate and Ricky Randolph. These guys are legends. #intheround https://t.co/1c4VwozKr9
#TBT to playing with Sam Tate and Ricky Randolph. These guys are legends. #intheround https://t.co/v1mYXF7Gir
"She said I don’t know, where you’re headed I’m just fillin’ up on your love and cheap unleaded." #CheapUnleaded https://t.co/AG8QpaROP9
"She said I don’t know, where you’re headed I’m just fillin’ up on your love and cheap unleaded." If you could... https://t.co/cEM1KEnq60
Making country music proud. @ACMawards @ChrisStapleton #ACMawards https://t.co/y1TAu04MkO
Making country music proud. ACM - Academy of Country Music Chris Stapleton #ACMawards https://t.co/V7OMPnCB3w
"Tell the truth. Sing with passion. Work with laughter. Love with heart. 'Cause that's all that matters in the end." #KrisKristofferson
"Tell the truth. Sing with passion. Work with laughter. Love with heart. 'Cause that's all that matters in the... https://t.co/tR6wyDnrc8
Rooting for my man Chris Stapleton at the #ACMs tonight!
Rooting for my man @ChrisStapleton at the #ACMs tonight!
The Cross Eyed Sessions & You've Got Everything are killing it on @rootsmusreport Top 50 Roots Rock Charts! #36 #27 https://t.co/Epb68ZUwmg
Man! The Cross Eyed Sessions is still killing it on the Roots Music Report Top Roots Rock Album Chart! The album... https://t.co/4c4l0qH5rK
Tonight at 8pm at Aloft Nashville West End I'll be at Virginia Cannon Presents. Come check it out!
Ran into one of Nashville’s most killer songwriters @ericpaslay @HomeDepot. Check out his music if you haven’t yet! https://t.co/47uvrzn1qo
Just ran into one of Nashville’s most killer songwriters Eric Paslay at The Home Depot. Check out his music if... https://t.co/UvKVc4wy9D
Congrats! @CharlieDaniels https://t.co/t81dgwneLt
Headed home soon to be with family! #GoodFriday
Over 5 months on the Roots Rock chart! Humbled to be surrounded by so many incredible artists. #ty @rootsmusreport https://t.co/5eD7SCEb4k
Over five months on the Roots Rock chart! Humbled to be surrounded by so many incredible artists. Thanks so much... https://t.co/xx2gJ8lFSf
Wow. What a week! So thankful for getting to play another year at #SXSW and #RedGorillaFest https://t.co/mWgLDsEV1p
Wow. What a week! So thankful for getting to play another year at #SXSW and #RedGorillaFest https://t.co/3Q4NNQSBY8
Great to hear @against_clocks on Saturday @TheBlindPigPub! You guys sounded awesome. #Indiana @redgorilla
Huge thank you to @TheBlindPigPub for having me @redgorilla this year! Can't wait till next time. #Austin https://t.co/uMrjxBO14t
Huge thank you to The Blind Pig Pub for having me at RedGorilla Music Festival this year! Can't wait till next... https://t.co/dMtdP6uiFB
@TheBlindPigPub I love the Blind Pig! Thank you and @redgorilla for having me!
@DemiLouiseMusic thank you! Can't wait to check out your tune!
RT @doritosr: And @DONPEDIGO rocking at Austin!! https://t.co/Eft9OgNv7V
LIVE on #Periscope: Live in Austin TX https://t.co/sQbBjWe6BE
Last show of @redgorilla at @TheBlindPigPub 6pm tonight #redgorillafest #austin https://t.co/WW7yRTc0A0
Thought I'd share a behind the scenes snapshot from my new photo shoot! #SXSW #ValerieFremin https://t.co/y2KCFAJisq
Had a great time playing @MariasTacoXpres on Wednesday! Thanks for comin out! #SXSW
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/19/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Blind Pig Pub in Austin, TX https://t.co/9oXLv0pAS5 https://t.co/m9dOqwAqRA
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/19/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Blind Pig Pub in Austin, TX https://t.co/9oXLv0pAS5 #concert
Thanks for comin out Tuesday to @SanJacSaloon! Feels good to be back in Austin. @redgorilla #ThankfulThursday https://t.co/SQpwpwZHoo
Thanks for comin out Tuesday to San Jac Saloon! Feels good to be back in Austin. RedGorilla Music Festival... https://t.co/Dg0k5jUznS
.@MariasTacox Show starts at 1:00. Tacos served all day! #SXSW https://t.co/tcCdAyePw5
Belly is full of tacos. Time to play some music! 1PM at Maria's Taco Xpress. Maria is #AustinsTacoQueen! #wcw... https://t.co/84ZrHTdo9w
Thank you to the #ThirstyNickel for having me in the Buffalo Room tonight! Great people. Great venue. RedGorilla... https://t.co/P4vRTfi9Tj
Thank you to @thirstynickel for having me in the Buffalo Room tonight! Great people. Great venue. @redgorilla https://t.co/BgyiLdMqjy
Thank you to @thirstynickel for having me in the Buffalo Room tonight! Great people. Great venue. @redgorilla https://t.co/VJkB90F5fz
Something about this town. Feels like home #Austin @redgorilla @sxsw #sxsw https://t.co/5veikdIMUz
New show added! 5PM at @thirstynickel in Austin with my man Jorge #redgorillafest @redgorilla #austin @bmi
Hitting the stage at 2pm @SanJacSaloon @redgorilla #Austin https://t.co/RmlHjxXtxM
.@MariasTacoXpres show is tomorrow at 1:00. Bring your friends and a hearty appetite! #SXSW Photo by @sarahcomo https://t.co/WmBc64PGFE
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/16/2016 at 01:00 PM @ Maria's Taco X-Press in Austin, TX https://t.co/uT2nlTYGmG #concert
Hitting the long road to Austin this morning. Any music recommendations for the drive?! First show is at San Jac... https://t.co/eLpPeNUjkj
Headed to Austin! First show is @SanJacSaloon tomorrow at 2PM! @RedGorilla #sjs #musicmonday #ComeandTakeIt https://t.co/mXeh7kUgUL
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/15/2016 at 02:00 PM @ San Jac Saloon in Austin, TX https://t.co/w0HYy8tiL4 https://t.co/mr1jfozsDA
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/15/2016 at 02:00 PM @ San Jac Saloon in Austin, TX https://t.co/w0HYy8KTCC #concert
@SXSW​ shows start Tuesday down in Austin, TX! Photo by @sarahcomo @redgorilla #MariasTacoXpress #sjs #BlindPigPub https://t.co/lNFjMj4K4j
It's almost here! SXSW shows start on Tuesday down in Austin, TX. Maria's Taco Xpress San Jac Saloon The Blind... https://t.co/eQOlgvdtEd
So heartbroken over the loss of my good friend and mentor Rickey "Sleepy" Kinser. Rick played bass on my first... https://t.co/7vH011N0Nl
Headed down to Austin next week for @sxsw and @redgorilla Fest. Excited to see friends in one of my favorite cities! https://t.co/ESTIlDzAjk
Headed down to Austin next week for SXSW and RedGorilla Music Festival. Excited to see friends in one of my... https://t.co/EpKpQdjjim
RT @NashvillePlaces: More buzz for Douglas' Corner Cafe: https://t.co/ONxWyEiiVU - RT @DONPEDIGO Sitting in with my publisher and mentor Earl Bud Lee tonight ...
Sitting in with my publisher and mentor Earl Bud Lee tonight at Douglas Corner. 6pm! #friendsinlowplaces... https://t.co/WfLW5TV9WJ
Happiest birthday to my dear friend and manager Carli! Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?! #goodtimes https://t.co/VTYaGlewjc
Thanks again for the support for the "She Turns Me On" video. If you haven't yet, download the album on iTunes! https://t.co/i3kKNuoHvX
Who is your crush this Wednesday? Send them some love today. "Some good ol' music playing soft and low... She's a... https://t.co/dIXXuP0IdR
"Some good ol' music playing soft and low...She's a love so strong that I come undone." #SheTurnsMeOn https://t.co/5DmJKIfUTH
RT @CMT: "I can honestly say that Joey’s isn’t just a life well-lived, it’s a life well-loved." - Rory. ❤ https://t.co/OjW4IdFYIT @JoeyAndRory
Keep Joey+Rory in your prayers #prayforjoey https://t.co/U1VM7EShA4
Thanks for such an overwhelming response to the "She Turns Me On" video! #TY #MusicMonday https://t.co/ylduMvfu4k https://t.co/U48JiM8rdm
Can't wait to see how things turn out here in #Tennessee on #superconfusedday
Playing a favorite in Nashville tonight at 9:30! #VirginiaCannon @ALNashwxyzbar https://t.co/t3JbD14zZt
Playing one of my favorite music events in Nashville tonight. The amazing Virgina Cannon makes it all happen. See... https://t.co/ROKuMCDu3K
Thanks! .@cmclaugh44 for the RT!
Check out the show this Thursday at Aloft Nashville West End featuring Anna Vaus Bill Diluigi Songwriter Rion... https://t.co/f5ygqqfN4m
Come out Thursday to @alofthotels in Nashville! Show starts @ 7; I'm on @ 9:30! #VirginiaCannonPresents #Nashville https://t.co/s16bk5WpgT
DON PEDIGO has a show on 02/25/2016 at 07:00 PM @ Aloft Hotel in Nashville, TN https://t.co/kj88yMv8Iz https://t.co/LGnAuXAlnq
DON PEDIGO has a show on 02/25/2016 at 07:00 PM @ Aloft Hotel in Nashville, TN https://t.co/kj88yMdxjZ #concert
The video for #SheTurnsMeOn is here! #MusicVideo @AmericanaFest @Nashsidestreets @Alternate_ROOTS https://t.co/ylduMvfu4k
Just submitted to compete for @theacshowcase! Check it out https://t.co/Ji4SJXQuA1. Vote for DON PEDIGO. https://t.co/tjzGMWgYNs
Only 1 more day till the release of "She Turns Me On!" @AmericanaFest @nashsidestreets @Alternate_ROOTS #MusicVideo https://t.co/0UOXxXH3wj
Only 1 more day till the release of "She Turns Me On!" Americana Music Association Sounds Like Nashville Cause A... https://t.co/k1Gzd5T64m
Hoping to be featured on with Sgtv with the @TheStudentPocketGuide! #ReverbNationOpportunities https://t.co/imJCpcBfbW
Here's a preview of the upcoming video for "She Turns Me On." 5 more days till the release! @americanafest https://t.co/i1vcHjgoLD
Here is a preview of the upcoming video for "She Turns Me On." Only 5 more days till the release! Americana Music... https://t.co/gL5ydSBmgZ
Here is a preview of the upcoming video for "She Turns Me On." Only 5 more days till the release! Americana Music... https://t.co/ED0EALHnuI
These couples from around Nashville made this video possible! So excited to share the love on 2/23! #SheTurnsMeOn... https://t.co/0Ys9DOYN5g
These couples in Nashville made this video possible! Excited to share the love on 2/23! #SheTurnsMeOn @americanafest https://t.co/KGHfITOxp8
Very excited to share a sneak peek of my upcoming video for "She Turns Me On" with you all! Look for it on 2/23. https://t.co/Clg7v6mjbO
Check out this still from the video for “She Turns Me On.” Coming 2/23! @americanafest @nashsidestreets #NewVideo https://t.co/1fxbLJlMUz
RT @billboard: The best memes of the 2016 #GRAMMYs https://t.co/y7cUJl9Bq9 https://t.co/uxD0Fu914H
New live performance shots are in! Thank you to the talented Sarah Como for the awesome photo from 3rd & Lindsley... https://t.co/3J0QoXn0fZ
Hoping to be a part of this year's Spring Festival on Ponce in Atlanta, GA! #ReverbNationOpportunities https://t.co/0ZmRrP6FLW
Hoping to play at Carolina Country Music Fest 2016's Road to the Beach! Tickets on sale now: https://t.co/hE6gN152tz
Posted a new song: "You've Got Everything" https://t.co/m4GUNWiyjl #music https://t.co/nrTDej0px4
Added a new video: "In Your Prime" https://t.co/vzBMahj4pj #video https://t.co/nrTDej0px4
Added a new video: "Monsters" https://t.co/TPuWkmi2Dq #video https://t.co/nrTDej0px4
Added a new video: "She Turns Me On" https://t.co/eJhtmEw8KB #video https://t.co/nrTDej0px4
Just applied to play on Austin's historic 6th Street during March Music Week! #113Main #Tipcow https://t.co/noQCFkrixd
Go #iu #basketball ! #Hoosiers
Jamming my good buddy Tawnya's new release, 8 track! Get it on iTunes today. This record rules! #tbird #8track https://t.co/mAS12fMxNg
Hanging out w @gradysaxman at #farmland studio today. #newmusic #nashville 󾍛 https://t.co/lDqM9rEjc9
Seriously #LadyGaga nailed it #SuperBowl
BEYOND grateful for hanging in the Roots Rock Top 40 ninety days later. Thank you all for supporting my dream.... https://t.co/UiLWD6axs9
Such a great show last week at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville. Can't wait to share some snippets... #tbt https://t.co/f4kjPVNyXj
I'm absolutely heartbroken about the loss of my first manager Lisa Morrison. She did so much to help artists like... https://t.co/04Olr4LXEv
RT @dawngardin: @donpedigo at @3rdandlindsley https://t.co/9m95QWkbut
RT @SusanRuthism: Don Pedigo. #Nashville #light #bffs #awesomesauce #donpedigomusic @donpedigo @3rdandlindsley https://t.co/XWl2vOMyag
In the green room w @SusanRuthism @3rdandLindsley https://t.co/FBSD2JRVeK
RT @kaseytodd: Rehearsal for tonight's gig with @donpedigo .. The always fun to play with @chriscondongtr and… https://t.co/Ibiw6NAujv
Show tonight @3rdandLindsley #Nashville 7-8PM!! @Lightning100 @Do615Nashville @nashvilleguru @NashvilleCream https://t.co/pE0lHamziv
Ready for tonight. See you at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville. 7-8PM. #UncutShowcase ... And thanks to The Hilson... https://t.co/Dl4iaSPzpx
Ready for tonight. See you at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville. 7-8PM. #UncutShowcase ... And thanks to The Hilson... https://t.co/waxWJba1gm
Band practice!! #newmusic https://t.co/QGYUx65hPf
Countdown to the Uncut Showcase is underway. I'm stoked to share the night with some very cool artists at 3rd &... https://t.co/CXWXHseEMU
.@3rdandLindsley thx for the #rt. See u Wednesday #newmusic @nashvilleguru @Do615Nashville
Playing my #uncutshowcase @3rdandLindsley 1/27 at 7PM! So excited to play #nashville. #SpreadTheWord #RT https://t.co/udZvKaxDKK
Big show this week! Come check out new music from DON PEDIGO at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville this Wednesday, January... https://t.co/tJid3KSCYx
Enjoying some specialty coffee with Mrs. Pedigo from our new Ninja Coffee bar this morning. We are sipping and... https://t.co/2XOlO8tJTs
Such an impact on music and the world. "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be... https://t.co/0mI6BRC2Lw
My friend Susan and I scored a #15 single on the Roots Rock Review last year. Mikey was there when we wrote it... https://t.co/sUOdnb3gzx
And the fear word for today kids is #SnowDrought #wtf
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year. 2016 is going to be intentional. #newmusic #moreshows #muchlove
That moment when you question a #word you know you just spelled correctly #thisguy #songwriter
Sharing the stage tonight w my brother from another mother Scott Laurent! #alofthotel #nashville... https://t.co/rsQVGxvHlK
Excited to see all my friends at the best showcase in town tonight! #virginiacannonpresents https://t.co/IwPJokrrBI
Has #Bono ever found what he's looking for? #U2
Playing The Goat Murfreesboro tonight with the talented Tawnya Reynolds tonight. Come hang out for good food and... https://t.co/1GB3EquQWe
Dug this pic up for #TBT! Love Gretsch Guitars. I'm lining up some shows for 2016... Do you have any favorite... https://t.co/wCxBkJKLVC
#15 #rmr chart WITH my heroes #brucespringsteen #richardthompson #ericclapton and #vanmorrison… https://t.co/E69vnQYxhD
Moving on up! "You've Got Everything" is sitting at #15 on the Roots Rock chart! Thank you Roots Music Report!... https://t.co/uJHyVw32SZ
So thankful. #happythanksgiving
Playing local tonight at The Goat Murfreesboro. Music starts at 9PM. Come hang out! https://t.co/o2s8l7itZk
Playing @LCGoat tonight in #Murfreesboro. Come hang out!
And I am so proud to share that my latest record The Cross Eyed Sessions hit Top 40 on the Roots Rocks Album... https://t.co/mM4U6WWp1e
Ok people who said they grow up so fast I get it! Today Polly was invited to be a part of the Tennessee Tech... https://t.co/8EzkwEHS0O
Throwing it back to Sunday in Sedona, AZ #tt https://t.co/NUZJZr3cjP
Made a little pit-stop on my way back to Nashville. Bud and Patsy are two of my dearest friends. #songwriting #PCB https://t.co/BnbLqU1XdY
#southrim of the #grandcanyon is snowing like crazy! #AZ https://t.co/9qyVX6fyk2
It's snowing in the #southrim, the adventure continues... https://t.co/5XJsxqguzu
Sunday funday in Sedona #cathedralrock https://t.co/l8jBcg40V8
LIVE on #Periscope: Pedigo Live at Mesa AZ Music Festival with Hondo the Handler on video duty! https://t.co/SIa3tkU8xO
Playing the @mesamusicfest tonight 7PM at #JarrodsCoffeeTeaGallery #livemusic #mesamusicfestival
It's a heavy day with Paris on my heart. Song can be so powerful in times like these. I'll be playing at the Mesa... https://t.co/lnEwlmx2gx
#Prayers4Paris https://t.co/nHgZPzerRH
Big thanks to Brandon and the crew at Bizarre Guitars in Phoenix for turning the day around. Love my new Taylor... https://t.co/yB85cC5dHW
LIVE on #Periscope: Mesafest check in w Hondo https://t.co/UDLqOuRXj4
Thanks Brandon and the crew at Bizarre Guitars in Phoenix for making my day a whole lot better. I love my new... https://t.co/MbYyN83aMB
Hello Phoenix! Looks like I get to go guitar shopping... https://t.co/6GeAyNuZGc
#songwriting #tennesseemorning https://t.co/meqHNu9jqV
Been listening to Cat Stevens a lot in my travels. Most of it I love. What's your favorite Cat Stevens song? https://t.co/CfDneImJOl
View from the most historic stage in the world. #theryman #nashville https://t.co/x42WjOkCfT
Hanging at Camp Pedigo up in good 'ol Indiana a couple weeks ago. Gave cabin guitar an oil change and took her... https://t.co/cfz8l0jTFz
#motorcylesong #crosseyedsessions #itunes https://t.co/kaD4YJ0bjD
It was senior night last Friday. A very proud father is typing this post. Polly was recently accepted to Austin... https://t.co/UJpR8itoKF
Throwback to SXSW last March. Can't believe how fast this year has gone. See you soon Austin! #tt #texas #sxsw https://t.co/0jCqk2hQ7p
One more road trip this year! Excited about the Mesa Music Fest in Arizona! #AZ #spiritquest #donpedigomusic https://t.co/hoCzkKBVKh
Amen JD! #ownit https://t.co/xFqmmop6Ku
I've been chipping away at new songs and pulling out ones that I've been saving. Here's one I wrote a couple... https://t.co/DINaqHTyqE
Being a warrior for #Christ does not involve attack. Do your homework #haters in his name
Joining Tawnya Reynolds tonight! Feels good to hanging close to home! #barstools https://t.co/iFAOVHYX2u
Slim your body down the simple, easy way https://t.co/UqRcWfqIWY
Lose the excess fat off your belly safe and fast, no special diet required https://t.co/UqRcWf97yo
Slim your body down the fastest, simple way https://t.co/UqRcWfqIWY
I've been coming to this place for years. Virginia's Market is a must stop for when headed to a writing session... http://t.co/NlsXgLrfmv
What T-Bird said... Shum on. The Goat Louisville http://t.co/iwUDcqWYVD
Bye #Charlotte. Hi #Nashville. Bye Nashville. Hello #Louisville!! Playing The Goat tonight w T Bird!… https://t.co/7egyytpDjd
What a blessing to travel this land and play music for old and new friends. Thank you for all the continued... http://t.co/ZAeFzYKHe8
Showtime in #northcarolina #supportlivemusic http://t.co/dECAe8M5Iq
I've been doing it all wrong... I need to get me one of these! Totally digging the energy here. #livemusic http://t.co/B2oiV6DdWj
Made it to North Carolina and ready for tonight's show at Petra's Piano Bar and Cabaret! I'm loving this pic from... http://t.co/d8XgquKR0o
On the road to NC and saw this massive tobacco truck! #NorthCarolina #livemusic http://t.co/vRJHZ9EF0g
Looking forward to my first show in Charlotte, NC Saturday! #petras #charlotte #donpedigomusic http://t.co/4KyHBMmgN3
Oh #donaldtrump is serious? I thought the networks were trying for an SNL type skit. Lord knows it's all about face time anymore #newchannel
RT @ernee5: #FF @JoshGoodlett @rjharpermusic @HerroldSisters @Leilahmusic @BrennenLeigh @TyBatesMusic @DoubleBarrelDuo @dougfolkins @DONPEDIGO
@ernee5 thanks for the love Janet! Maybe some of us should do shows together!
It's been a fruitful week of #songwriting. Hope some of these make my set list and your #playlist #donpedigomusic http://t.co/zlYIQAjNUn
#guitar #songwriting #loureed http://t.co/A2PCQDIuBH
#guitar #songwriting #loureed http://t.co/SdmLVjz3BP
Where do ink #Pens #socks and #guitarpick scoe?
I feel a new record coming. I'm always writing new material but there are also so many unrecorded songs. What's... http://t.co/wDNfvRI6JN
Good times at #thepineroom in Nashville, IN last night! Richard kicks major butt on the mandolin! Until next time... http://t.co/tGllcvUnkA
LIVE on #Periscope: Pine Room....Indiana https://t.co/ZzcO1qSMZp
WPO Kentucky you rule! #twoold hippies #Nashville http://t.co/wZxP85qTXB
Rockin' out at @twooldhippies in the Gulch this afternoon for a great event http://t.co/h36dhiRDCr
Hitting' the road with this lovely lady this weekend. We're making a stop in Nashville, Indiana on our way to... http://t.co/wSrK8fYNb3
LIVE on #Periscope: Don Pedigo on the road in Wisconsin https://t.co/oisqxaDjtk
You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite #LedZeppelin album
Awesome night #Fitgers! Until next time, cheers #Duluth! http://t.co/YXTzSa6t6Y
#minneapolis my love for you is equal to #austin. It's probably no coincidence that my favorite spot in both... http://t.co/FT70OqVO1B
Thank you #IPhone5 for detouring me into Gary Indiana #MurderCapital
LIVE on #Periscope: Taking a drink with a half numb mouth https://t.co/FkEB0tT6xQ
Thank you for inspiring night, Nashville. Next stop is Minneapolis at The Beat Coffeehouse Friday, 9/18 with... http://t.co/NcIluwId0O
Hell yes Joe Walsh! http://t.co/6TS399dpAg
Local band's equipment stolen before United Way benefit concert http://t.co/iP815YkdU4
Grateful Dead - "Touch Of Grey" http://t.co/qW7MtfFVSt
LIVE on #Periscope: Live At #AmericanaFest #amafest15 https://t.co/XMY7Etv4jh
Set list set. Energy drink drank. #amafest15 @bldgnashville @ The Building https://t.co/ocMtdhM7WQ
LIVE on #Periscope: Jonah rehearsal w Scott before #musiccitylimits @ #thebuilding https://t.co/Ok0Yddyl2z
There's been a lot of good juju leading up to tonight's show. And... Yes. That's a rainbow on the ceiling. Hope... http://t.co/gEyVQKXJFV
Don is playing Music City Limits Tues 9.15 at @BLDGNashville! BYOB $5 Cover http://t.co/2jA9Q0mApo
Today I decided that I could do a handstand. Today is not over. #handstand https://t.co/22tNI5cSa3
Big show on Tuesday, 9/15! I'm playing Music City Limits at The Building! Music starts at 8. I hit the stage... http://t.co/8cFEsC9WVz
This was the start of a late afternoon of inspiration and music. #AmericanaFest @BLDGNashville #sept15 http://t.co/gk2yD3aUVV
I'm excited to join Music City Limits at The Building during #Americana week! Come out for a night of killer... http://t.co/KTUuoBQFOo
From last night's surprise birthday performance for my #1 fan. #happybirthday Beth! http://t.co/XZqLQzWQKk
So happy to get to surprise my number 1 fan Beth with a birthday performance last night! She's been with me from... http://t.co/Pv6btZBvIV
RT @rosannecash: Once of the best nights of my performing life. https://t.co/5aWq4QzjV4
In the studio today feeling good vibes #nashville http://t.co/clgPApVoU9
Wish they would bring back the little ball that bounces along w the words on the screen #kimmyloudandclear #goviral http://t.co/ss7n8v6335
RT @ernee5: #FF @johnkingcountry @joshingstern @SB_Country @JKCampbellMusic @REDMARLOW1 @wsamusic @LDMcCallister @DONPEDIGO @dougfolkins @TheDallen
Oh there's more than one person seeking the #presidential #nomination?
Come out to Virginia Cannon Presents... Friday Day Night Live! at Aloft Nashville West End Friday, 8/28 for some... http://t.co/adZVkAuzpi
That means a lot. Thanks @Altville https://t.co/mIdKdgFnhA
Meet Stephen and Henry. My newest friends from flying across this country. When everyone else was giving me the... http://t.co/ZglBtxQsgm
Thanks for the follow @Altville. Keep preachin' #goodmusic
Thank you @susanruthism for the invite to @belcourttaps! Always an honor to make music with you #livemusic #nashville http://t.co/4f7usvbmAF
Thank you @susanruthism for the invite to @belcourttaps! Always an honor to make music with you… https://t.co/OEdKByd8SC
When another driver makes a mistake in traffic I think you and the other drivers are supposed to try and run them off the road #fu
Yes of course I want to pull over in a parking lot and beat your selfish traffic ass up but I'm what they call a grown up...#sorryyousuck
Make sure at all costs today you show somebody what you're entitled to by way of force or threat...jk you're an asshole #morningtraffic
Sign up for the latest news and free tunes on the Don Pedigo website! http://t.co/wQ6qsHIOlc http://t.co/seYXEKACnj
Playing tonight at The Goat Murfreesboro. Come hang and enjoy some live music if you're in the area! ...since I'm... http://t.co/3InxbJmlCC
RT @ernee5: #FF @LOCASHmusic @GannonAdams @AcMMusic @TheOrchardDuo @BlazingElwoods @pierceavemusic @HudsonMoore @DONPEDIGO @swampmusicinfo @officialcrr
Official "She Turns Me On" music video coming soon... Stay tuned! http://t.co/V2CEun9H7y
One of the greats RIP http://t.co/8UobHfg2zi
A songwriter doesn't just sit down and write a song. They are ALWAYS writing a song. What do you think my next... http://t.co/TghSJRYsUg
RT @bmi: The early bird gets the worm...and gets paid. Here's to another day to make things happen!
Follow me on Instagram to check out more highlights from the road! This one just might be the next album cover...... http://t.co/AxsS2UWmkF
LIVE on #Periscope: Jammin w Tawnya Reynolds at The Palace in Santa Fe https://t.co/w1tbXEefHy
Oh and I've playing music out here too! Here's a sound check shot that Tawnya Reynolds took at the Taos Inn... http://t.co/AMb0XNmPdV
I've hung with some incredible spirits here in #Taos http://t.co/y9S07hkCcM
LIVE on #Periscope: Shawn Camp song stuck in my head... Taos New Mexico https://t.co/gUvzNCRWf8
Totally fake in #toas #newmexico http://t.co/nfLPjy6U0g
It took an extra day on the #cresttrail. There were many pitfalls and false paths. When I found myself off the... http://t.co/NnAzQVOwBN
No service for 13 hours and I somehow survived ha ha! This has been a remarkable journey so far. I've got some... http://t.co/vYlfvu0C71
20 mile solo overnighter across the Sierra Blanca see ya on the flip! http://t.co/np9Zk7qpmW
Two days off and I'm hitting the mountains! Solo overnighter on the #cresttrail #25 #lincolnnationalforest #newmexico http://t.co/TQgI6sUKFJ
Thanks, brother https://t.co/HU4mLH09bF
RT @wwoz_neworleans: Weekend classic #Americana music video: John Prine : Illegal Smile (1978) https://t.co/10ncAYIiVM http://t.co/U0qltSROag
Being on the road can be trying at times. Thank God for FaceTime! #familyman #babysuzie http://t.co/x51oR5lNxx
The Cross Eyed Sessions album is #StraightOutta #americana #MusicMonday http://t.co/wXKQhCNTgN
Straight out of... Americana. #StraightOuttaCompton Americana Music Association #musicmonday http://t.co/uf5rRhoeXJ
Tawnya and I just rocked out at the Lincoln Days festival where the Billy the Kid story took place. Here's me and... http://t.co/R00wuLdUJH
The Cross Eyed Sessions is now available on SoundCloud! Listen and share with your friends #soundcloud... http://t.co/BucD9rF2Fr
My new sounds: The Cross Eyed Sessions http://t.co/ep8DRqwP0S on #SoundCloud
RT @ernee5: #FF @symusiccountry @DONPEDIGO @TweetWithJC @danielprofitt @ClayThrash @AlenaNicholson @BRASSFIELDALY @KyleDouglasBand @Maurguitarz
I just got asked if I was the new dr at the #Ruidoso ER....yup
I see a heart. What do you see? #ruidoso https://t.co/0yChNslm2A
Note to self: Open guitar case tends to welcome tips... and pizza #willworkforpizza #ruidoso #NewMexico http://t.co/l7tLI1R62O
Rolling Stone Country got it right. RS named James McMurtry's album Complicated Game as the #1 album country fans... http://t.co/GmWezXljlT
LIVE on #Periscope: Sorry I hung up on you Rio Rancho Hojo Jam https://t.co/6yJPZhjwmC
LIVE on #Periscope: Rio Rancho merciful thing https://t.co/xgUax1Qs1l
LIVE on #Periscope: Rio Rancho after show HOJO jam redux https://t.co/NmHMFn2kRU
LIVE on #Periscope: Rio Rancho after hours Hojo jam https://t.co/L7z7FNp4G2
Artist log 3/6/15 Rio Rancho #NM: post show party at hojo watching #NakedAndAfraidXL and reading THE MESSAGE by #EugenePeterson #roadlife
I found T-Bird in #NewMexico. @tawnyareynolds1 https://t.co/dOWBbZ2hrt
Behind the scenes from the studio w Kelly Brooks in #Nashville #music http://t.co/wOsfiXQkl1
It has been an amazing few days working with Australia's Kelly Brooks here in #Nashville. I can't wait to finish... http://t.co/dATfmTRCaP
Merle Haggard's Life Advice http://t.co/qXzuviMSYf
Indeed #garcia indeed... http://t.co/8eXtdvkj8x
So I've pretty much had Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain on repeat for about a decade now, so there's that... #olgl
I got a last minute call to join my friend and Australian superstar Kelly Brooks on stage last night at Virginia... http://t.co/70hnjzPSrJ
RT @ernee5: #FF @symusiccountry @DONPEDIGO @DavidVill99 @DiamondDixieLLC @ENmusic @Thorne_Hill @TweetWithJC @JohnandJacob @Livin2131 @newblack7
Do you see the #BlueMoon ?
The Cross Eyed Sessions is getting some love in my home state of Indiana on 91.1 The Globe! So grateful for the... http://t.co/JNVf5kQx6v
Big thanks to KPIG Radio for adding The Cross Eyed last week. Super cool station playing some real good music. #ty
Thank you @911TheGlobe for all the love on the Cross Eyed Sessions album this week! Can't wait to come back through Indiana
The Cross Eyed Sessions album is still climbing the Americana Music Association radio chart! Post about Don Pedigo... http://t.co/eKxCdKOBX1
Looking forward to seeing friends and fans back in New Mexico! Ready for T-Bird time and mountains too!... http://t.co/FTT7xg3xir
I tweet what I really feel, then usually delete it #humanoids #tweetme
There was a baby grand at the video shoot Saturday. I just couldn't resist playing it! I did an impromptu version... http://t.co/VrihZ1bHRZ
Shooting the "Stolen Guitar" live performance video with my gretschguitars @gretschusa #treatherright https://t.co/DtRnToYnHB
Behind the scenes at the "She Turns Me On" video shoot #donpedigo http://t.co/9cBDWo9E0Z
Behind the scenes at the "She Turns Me On" video shoot #donpedigo https://t.co/Xx5EMwk770
Super pumped about shooting a new music video today! #Nashville #crosseyed
Thoughts and prayers out to Nick Cave and family from team Pedigo. May you find peace somewhere down the long road ahead. #nickcave
Little something Don did for PBS. He's such a natural http://t.co/Mq1QAEPNhM
Had a great time doing this, thanks again PBS Indiana! #intune #pbs https://t.co/DFY2tMD81R http://t.co/jF6TBRAHeq
Teaming up with Tawnya Reynolds again next month in New Mexico! #goodtimes #miamiga http://t.co/6ZJXXfrChp
RT @OldManFreakboy: this episode of #heykidsGOML on WPNR features @DONPEDIGO @nicovega @violentfemmes @CrustCrustwell and more! http://t.co/2OR56U3WST
“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.” - Steven Pressfield #truth
Remember these? #sunroomsessions... http://t.co/wImyxLpzER
Are you on Instagram? I am! #donpedigo https://t.co/bkxRvBLl78
Throwing it back to '09 when my song "Goin' Under" was used in this movie! #tbt #lindsaylohan http://t.co/ZXhTEShvMd
My new sounds: Death Of A Tiny Town https://t.co/6gZTzEdzVe on #SoundCloud
"Many of my mentors have told me stories about how The Beatles completely blew their minds the first time they... http://t.co/Nk9xhVfq0L
RT @amershow: #podcast 253 Jimmy LaFave of @musicroadrecord interview & tracks from Night Tribe +new @DONPEDIGO http://t.co/jT7Exzh4YJ #rock #blues
Great moment. Congrats #USWNT #FIFAWWCFinal #USAvJAP
Yes Jesus is Lord and thank you for riding my ass for 10 miles #Jesus #july5 #traffic #idiotdrivers #USA
It's been a great festival weekend! Looking forward to this afternoon at Rock the Park in New Castle, IN!... http://t.co/jcQcwtiQts
Big fun in Chi-Town today! Thanks new friends and fans! See you down the road! #usa #internationalfestivaloflife... http://t.co/6Ik3p9cWIj
Big fun on the 4th in Chi-Town! Thanks new friends and fans! See you down the road! #internationalfestivaloflife... http://t.co/sRtd4fTg2B
Happy Birthday America! Chicago's own Meg Thomas will be joining me today in Union Park at the International... http://t.co/5mG5LdPyyz
Super pumped to play this fest today! #chicago it's a gorgeous day! #donpedigomusic #internationalfestivaloflife... http://t.co/HOEdsWWtJm
#lakemichigan #brr #goodtimes http://t.co/ZBXiA1KQLW
DON PEDIGO has a show on 07/04/2015 at 12:00 PM @ Rock The Park Festival in New Castle, IN http://t.co/CAe3KpoHS6 #concert
Big win #USWNT
It's festival time! #july #festivals #donpedigomusic #chicago #pekin #newcastle #IN #freetown #crosseyedtour http://t.co/WKXxwe4rY7
Damn right we're up to somethin! #dp #tbird #live #thegoat #damnskippy http://t.co/gtVQu6wQWx
.@GretschUSA thx for the RT! Love my Gretsch #newmusic #donpedigo
Virginia Cannon Presents 2nt @samandluke @ScottSouthworth @harlanpease @bentlycaldwell @jasonspencer @samcooper @cherishlombard @adamhamby
RT @ernee5: #FF @MoPitney @davidbritt @SonsCommand @DONPEDIGO @JettyRoad @bobbybittle @MassimoSongs @tomdixonmusic @KWalkerCountry @JDSHELBURNE
Happy Birthday to my bestie and publisher Mr. Earl Bud Lee! #budlee #friendsinlowplaces #happybirthday http://t.co/m3wAzzCrvD
Saturday night Tawnya Reynolds and I are breaking in the stage at The Goat! 9pm! #thegoat #tawnyareynoldsmusic... http://t.co/1bQg9d7fF9
Rocking out with my @GretschUSA and @KevinSimonelic on "stand up" bass #tbthursday #tbt http://t.co/L4isf3gTs2
Here's one of my favorite photos playing my Gretsch Guitars with the kick ass Kevin Simonelic climbing the bass!... http://t.co/waAeY8txaf
It's been great hanging in town a bit lately! Love, love, love the bill I'm on Friday! All great acts!... http://t.co/iln9l0TSWC
#tacotuesday #donpedigomusic #motorcycle #chicago http://t.co/QI97kpOzPp
Super cool I'm performing at a downtown Chicago Festival the weekend "The Dead" will be in town! Woo!... http://t.co/SybHUHu9Xy
LIVE on #Periscope: #popits #babysuzie https://t.co/g53ZW4Ekv9
LIVE on #Periscope: #moresparkler #babysuzie https://t.co/r7nS2yDek8
LIVE on #Periscope: #sparkler https://t.co/MXWhm8A1iq
LIVE on #Periscope: #donpedigo #live #thepineroom https://t.co/m5sQCky1oj
Planet Fitness stickers are kinda like tramp stamps #planetfitness #trampstamps
Do you like the rain? I do, not so much for driving maybe... Nevertheless, Nashville, IN here I come! Pine Room... http://t.co/GwfVn55imI
Throwback to the making of The Cross Eyed Sessions. This shot was taken at 16 Ton Studios here on Music Row. I... http://t.co/I10BeaS3sY
Saturday's show has had a time change. Please help spread the word! Thanks! ~Team DP #pineroom #saturday... http://t.co/wTbEFu7235
@bobolina1980 happy birthday!
Bob Dylan Recorded 'Like a Rolling Stone' 50 Years Ago Today http://t.co/tWD9ouRDwp
June 20, 2015 Don Pedigo at Pine Room Tavern... http://t.co/SpX4Ewz00q
Check out Mike Younger. I dig what he does. #cmafest #virginiacannonpresents #alofthotels #nashville #donpedigo http://t.co/4iAm8hxwrp
Is it one of these CMA Festers? #crosseyed #donpedigo #sunday #cmafest #hungover http://t.co/1V76IPr2IB
I'm performing at "Virginia Cannon Presents" tonight at The Aloft Hotel here in Nashville. 7:30pm #CMAfest http://t.co/shTDvsUKoc
#chitown #traffic http://t.co/KK8klvP31b
#Chinatown #chicago http://t.co/ARVGamk1gd
Picked up some new photos for the gig and now we are driving through a river on our way to… https://t.co/F6f7fGVJVD
Sketch time while I ride #chicagobound #uncommonground #clarkst #donpedigomusic http://t.co/nOIFhGkscq
LIVE on #Periscope: Rehearsing for tonight in Chicago https://t.co/IsToznVX1S
LIVE on #Periscope: Giving my Dad's Yorkies a treat #imontheroad https://t.co/KSTo44wTAN
I have never seen a garbage truck hit stoplights with their picker upper forks UNTIL NOW! #bucketlist
#live #music #Chicago #uncommonground #clarkst #donpedigomusic
RT @ernee5: #FF @rickmonroe @TraeEdwards_ @KaylensRain @aarongoodvin @WillowOsborne @DONPEDIGO @jordangmusic27 @ashley_lusk @Hannamania @trademarkjams
There are still a few seats left for tonight's show! Call ahead to reserve yours! #uncommonground #chicago... http://t.co/ZjAbYOvqYY
Didn't let a little rain stop me from going to see my good buddy Rosie Flores at the SXSW Yard Dog Party...... http://t.co/ss9Cg1zKQ9
Friday's show has limited seating. Be sure to call ahead! #seeyououtthere #crosseyedtour http://t.co/qGpQDLjKzq
Indeed you do....I think even more than this guy! #rockinhard #bestfansintheworld #donpedigomusic http://t.co/X30gryowaZ
Any other Bigsby nerds out there? #iam #bigsby #nerd http://t.co/9U6Why5Aol
Kristofferson taking me to church this morning... #kristofferson
Wow. I mean...wow. This IS Amazing! http://t.co/br6f5a6E6F
The new Colonel Sanders...fail #KFC
For tix to my July 4th performance at the Chicago International Festival of Life follow http://t.co/tb8HwNvTI3... http://t.co/YpXalvgRvP
RT @ernee5: #FF @austinlwebb @westonburt @CelicaWestbrook @ChaseMillerTime @IamWillGarrett @davidbritt @CarlyJoOfficial @DONPEDIGO @CatRidgeway
For tix to my July 4th performance at the Chicago International Festival of Life follow http://t.co/tb8HwNvTI3 #chicago
Passing back through Indiana in a few weeks. Looking forward to hanging with a my friends at #thepineroomtavern... http://t.co/Uv6rAA6tui
Had a great time at "Virginia Cannon Presents" last week. Honored to share the stage with the Nashville... http://t.co/36nOZm6dfO
Can't wait to return to #Chicago and #uncommonground on N Clark a week from Friday! #donpedigomusic
Back in Chi-Town a week from Friday! #chicago #uncommonground #northclark #donpedigo #peteayresband #quietlion http://t.co/FenL1DqV8z
RT @CarolBAndrews: @donpedigo @davepomeroy and @ConnieKis playing @VirginiaCannon #presents @AloftHotels West End #Nashville. http://t.co/zbyKA2aGzd
RT @SusanRuthism: @donpedigo at the helm. That's Connie Kis Anderson and Badass bassist Dave Pomeroy! I'm watching… https://t.co/3fJjRvTanb
RT @ernee5: #FF @brinley_ @TheBandTenasie @AaronBall_Music @DONPEDIGO @aarongoodvin @LanceStinson1 @nicholsonmusic7 @RyanKinder @brushville @AprylEvans
It's not often that I do these and I can't wait to hang with my good buddy's at Virginia Cannon's writer's night... http://t.co/4GPHc7hTYK
After the Cross Eyed Tour hits Chicago we are heading to New Castle, Indiana on July 5th for the Rock the Park... http://t.co/bwfRefTkX8
RT @ernee5: #FF @TheBrandyClark @_MorganFrazier @Haleysmusic @jameslannmusic @RosehillLive @DONPEDIGO @mikeryanband @TGriffithMusic @CraigMoritz
New live footage on it's way! #donpedigo
After the Cross Eyed Tour hits Chicago we are heading to New Castle, Indiana on July 5th for the Rock the Park... http://t.co/BSb3J2bHyk
Check out http://t.co/RORkgwmABe for tour dates, music links and more. Team Don is preparing to send out exclusive... http://t.co/i6XHCRjrnY
Not being perfect is so low stress... #😎
Tombstone's on...and there's my evening...#imyourhuckleberry
Thanks for the pic Steve B! http://t.co/SkGYWWtIsZ
Thanks for the love and spins, Eclectic Chair! Check out this week's podcast to discover new music. Always in... http://t.co/BTHuwzgTnU
LIVE on #Periscope: Roberts bday https://t.co/E2NyfBBRUi
Good times last night! Thanks Hippies Music and Events for having us and putting together one helluva show! (I so... http://t.co/uWkB0vXvmg
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/1tqowhByuN
LIVE on #Periscope: Don Pedigo Live in Indiana https://t.co/WDcVhbq77l
Very sad to learn of BB Kings passing. He was an inspiration both on and off the stage... #BBKingRIP
Good times at WKKG this morning! Thanks Scott and Kelsey! #wkkg #performingtonight #northvernon... http://t.co/HvGsJkEdcr
@WKKG thank you it was a blast! Scott and Kelsey rule!
RT @WKKG: Thanks again to @donpedigo for hanging out with Scott and Kelsey this morning! He's performing in North Vernon... http://t.co/aqFjoi9A2c
LIVE on #Periscope: Live on WKKG South Central Indiana https://t.co/it1MCf91jz
If you're in the south central Indiana listening area tune in to 101.5 WKKG a little after 7am. I'll be in the... http://t.co/F7XicUN1WM
LIVE on #Periscope: Live at The Player's Pub! Bloomington, IN https://t.co/2E1hoJWFHa
LIVE on #Periscope: Live at The Player's Pub! https://t.co/u8XrcIiGbD
LIVE on #Periscope: WTIU Indiana University taping for IN TUNE https://t.co/h7J4bWNUkn
LIVE on #Periscope: Setting up for my gig at The Player's Pub in Bloomington, IN https://t.co/R45cI2FbHN
My dial doesn't move when I'm in #louisville #wfpk http://t.co/38Llt5ROCp
In case you're trying to purchase online tickets for Friday's show please be aware that they took that site down.... http://t.co/aeivRsEZFJ
LIVE on #Periscope: Band Rehearsal 4 https://t.co/3DoHtoTcX4
LIVE on #Periscope: Band Rehearsal 3 https://t.co/kHCqrB3fOO
LIVE on #Periscope: Band Rehearsal https://t.co/afofTXbezk
LIVE on #Periscope: Band Rehearsal https://t.co/CJbqHlEUPi
@ShellyBeauchamp pretty sure the door will be ok. Pre-Sale is @ http://t.co/4q1X75gt0e ...see you then!
Friday's show is smoke-free. Kids 12 and under free w/ adult ticket purchase. #indiana #donpedigomusic http://t.co/YBwbANaG86
@ShellyBeauchamp yes all ages and smoke-free. 12 and under free. $20, includes CD w every ticket. See you there?
LIVE on #Periscope: Tennessee sunset sky https://t.co/gsLeSlrWIn
LIVE on #Periscope: Gretsch Fun https://t.co/3cc744lz8S
LIVE on #Periscope: Iced Coffee and Sexy Bitch https://t.co/gZh1n8nS9J
LIVE on #Periscope: Iced Coffee And Sexy Bitch https://t.co/eviJ5bXQ4n
Hey Southern Indiana I'm going live on THE RIVER radio now! Took this pic this morning, must be a sign! Ha ha... http://t.co/CtT7d6P2Vx
Hey hey Indiana! Love getting to hang around back home, especially this time of year! In addition to these... http://t.co/iqyVI43GGZ
LIVE on #Periscope: Changing the strings on my Gretsch Electromatic https://t.co/RYiO6rFuQC
LIVE on #Periscope: Changing the strings one Gretsch https://t.co/rWEKFPnu3n
LIVE on #Periscope: Love Yourself - A song I wrote for the mother of my Children https://t.co/SHKgGL7qoZ
LIVE on #Periscope: Not There At All https://t.co/ZyM7EocXr8
I'll be doing phone in interviews and ticket giveaways the next few days for the May 15th show in North Vernon, ... http://t.co/TAbzA61bCX
Hey Southern Indiana! Tune in tomorrow to win free tickets to my May 15th performance in North Vernon! #wkkg... http://t.co/OijzRLeDXt
Tomorrow morning at 7:15 I'll be doing a call in interview on 101.5 WKKG in Southern Indiana talking about the... http://t.co/oSxh7Np5tr
LIVE on #Periscope: Re-Tubing the DP Deville https://t.co/Wk9JOl5TTk
Southern Indiana this is next week! Tickets are going fast! Get your pre-sales @... http://t.co/gD3m9lgpuB
@Tyler_Beauchamp email me at don@donpedigo.com
I pretty much just ignore the news. Found myself being programmed by fear and paranoia. #FUnews #baltimore #yeahitsawful #noexcuse #animals
#bestfansintheworld #musicmonday #itunes #followonperiscope #sadman #donpedigomusic #crosseyedsessions... http://t.co/pQBEmlHGvi
Had a great run thank you Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis! There's a little collage of some fun moments.... http://t.co/dn1fGuYH3n
LIVE on #Periscope: The dinosaur and gun town mountain https://t.co/N9OVMntHaP
LIVE on #Periscope: Reflections in Cave city https://t.co/syN9UidfXC
LIVE on #Periscope: Don Pedigo live at The Melody Inn - Indianapolis https://t.co/CFZdvSxbhZ
LIVE on #Periscope: Rehearsing Death of a Tiny Town on Deck de Hindo https://t.co/ee9BddEf2Y
LIVE on #Periscope: Assembling Hondo's Thunder Stick https://t.co/CMT2HLTA6k
I'll be supporting Sahm's Place in Indy today. #peace #equality #indianapolis http://t.co/Yxmgem1ke0
Just watched DEATH BY CHINA #deathbychina
Rarely go to Starbucks and reminded why #madhouse #starbucks #success #hardtohateonthat #butiminahurry #itsnotalwaysaboutme #lol #oneness
TONIGHT we will be broadcasting the show live via PERISCOPE! Follow this link to sign up http://t.co/MtxHoJNJ3Z .... http://t.co/hv1smQfs1X
Ft. Wayne was fun! Indy here we come! #melodyinn #7aharp #thankyouforsharing http://t.co/YX3zNWSD8S
LIVE on #Periscope: The Phoenix Green Room in Ft. Wayne https://t.co/R49wm5Egc2
What's up Ft. Wayne! #thephoenix #7pm
LIVE on #Periscope: Hondo's new favorite Don Pedigo song https://t.co/5t2kFryRXv
LIVE on #Periscope: The Monster of Churubusco https://t.co/bk1CDAVvEN
LIVE on #Periscope: Dropping in a radio station unannounced https://t.co/pjTP4JgoD8
LIVE on #Periscope: Leaving Chi-Town w Hondo the Handler https://t.co/bKTPXGahzv
Follow me on PERISCOPE for live shows, shenanigans and donisms! http://t.co/MtxHoJNJ3Z #startingtoday #byechitowm #ftwayneherewecome
@samwise1612 likewise!
RT @samwise1612: Always good seeing family. Great job tonight @donpedigo! https://t.co/cGOJ6v6kbv
LIVE on #Periscope: Waiting for my road manger Robert to check us into our hotel in Chicago https://t.co/JuUKSP1GP3
Hello Chicago! Excited to be performing at Uncommon Ground on Clark tonight! #Chicago #uncommonground #clarkst... http://t.co/errof9PBEm
Hello Chicago! Excited to be performing at Uncommon Ground on Clark tonight! #Chicago #uncommonground #clarkst... http://t.co/6fWrGqbnji
RT @kaseytodd: Recent Record Releases!- http://t.co/22aYgMct4j @DONPEDIGO @JuttHuffman @PaisteNation @promarksticks @EvansDrumheads @Westone @HumesandBerg
Chicago bound w my best buddy and road manager Robert Nash! #uncommonground #clarkst #nash&associates
See you tonight, #chicago @uncommongrd looking forward to seeing @roxicopland kick off the night https://t.co/7CdqrBzaOl
The tour stops in #Chicago @uncommongrd on Thurs 4/30 #livemusic #listenlocalchi #SpreadTheWord http://t.co/iNoCSmSdqb
Hitting the road and headed north to the Uncommon Ground, The Phoenix and the Melody Inn #crosseyedsessions... http://t.co/PhVuojr2ky
Suzie and I visited Guitar Center after church yesterday... #musicmonday #anatural #proudpapa #guitarcenter... http://t.co/k08QMVASLv
Is it a Cross Eyed Sunday Morning? If so, get it together and make time for the soul...... http://t.co/oPGm1BTZgv
"There was a time when I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. After reading Kerouac's "On The Road"... http://t.co/jmh1zbxYYn
RT @BiIIMurray: Chuck Norris was born May 6, 1945. The Nazis surrendered May 7, 1945. Coincidence? I think not.
It's my friend and co-writer Susan Ruth' s Birthday today. Since I can't make the party tonight I wished her HB... http://t.co/oorDGpMEvV
Wait... You don't have my new album The Cross Eyed Sessions yet? All good bc you can get it right here on iTunes... http://t.co/nh98RwrfbD
Community coffee is like going from mono to surround sound! Wheew! #community #coffee #donpedigomusic #woundforsound
When I'm on the road I rock out to audiobooks! #audible #causeicantreadandrive
New date on the books! Help me rally all your Chicago friends for my upcoming show on 4/30 at the Uncommon... http://t.co/i3rS9u0vEH
No matter your favorite flavor great songs cannot be denied. #borderline #Madonna #onrepeat
Sometimes I wonder, what would Paul Newman do? Probably something totally badasss #PaulNewman #coolhandluke #thesting #butchcasdidy #hombre
Meet bad ass drummer Kasey Todd... He is headed out on the road with me and I couldn't be more stoked to make... http://t.co/2THmcughd3
I want a helicopter for Christmas #Nashville #traffic
There's bigger issues at hand than the criminalization of marijuana. #naturesmedicine #420
Up late writing songs but still hitting the gym and representing! See you Tuesday #iu #hoosiers http://t.co/HUbaVw6hzk
Don't hate #growaguy
"There’s a feeling in the air / And it’s okay / Deep down there’s a fire burnin’ / There’s a prayer that I keep... http://t.co/49nFQpLj5n
This is on my list. It is should be on yours too. #moregoodmusic @JasonIsbell #americansongwriter https://t.co/IJFqNVyVGl
I always look forward to returning home to Indiana to perform. Looking forward to this event. From what I hear... http://t.co/xlI01L19vz
"Sometimes you know it's better not to stay together when the pain you feel ain't worth the love you're in / And... http://t.co/Syt6I37awD
The Cross Eyed Sessions album is currently creeping up the Americana Music Association radio charts! Which... http://t.co/gmPEK6o49j
This life ain't for everybody... #NOLA #crosseyedtour #tbird https://t.co/GzNoW67vJ7
"There is a point were influences become part of your own songcraft and Don Pedigo takes the best traits of a... http://t.co/MlipHajUCa
Last night in Nashville then hitting road with @TawnyaReynolds1 for a 3 day run @RitasTequila April 10-12 #NOLA
Can I just say that I 24 Nashville is just stupid! #yeah #Nashville #Interstate24
See you Friday NOLA! #ontheroad #NOLA #bourbonst #tbird #livemusic http://t.co/ww8XN0LoEr
#NOLA #ritastequilahouse #tawnyareynolds #donpedigo #thisweekend #bourbonst #duke #lol http://t.co/DFDTWvb2sT
@TawnyaReynolds1 can't wait! It's gonna be a horrible time I'm sure :D
Are you on INSTAGRAM? I am! https://t.co/fYoFlakkDz #instagram #inthenow #randoms #tourisms http://t.co/Qk3df5cLDK
T-Bird and I are back on the road! This weekend in NOLA, who's coming to see us?! #NOLA #ritastequilahouse... http://t.co/T0iruLhyOD
tawnyareynolds1's photo http://t.co/NWCqQruEED
Happy Birthday to the Hag! You're my hero! #hag http://t.co/U2cKowsSCE
@RitasTequila looking forward to performing there this weekend! #ritastequilahouse #NOLA
Got a great pic in the mail the other day from my #1 fan Beth! It's on my fridge! #numberonefan... http://t.co/G16HtoDgD9
Big thanks to The Alternate Root Magazine for the album review! #thealternateroot #newmusic #americana... http://t.co/0IqChrRt2j
Tonight I'll be performing at The Aloft on Westend here in Nashville for Virginia Cannon's Songwriter Night.... http://t.co/dry0KD4GYH
I am an Indiana native. I usually wear it with pride but with the recent controversial decisions of Indiana... http://t.co/SjCzW8njSq
Guitar. Check. Leather jacket. Check. Pretty blonde. Check. #sxsw #MusicMonday http://t.co/UvEDsYw2MF
In the spirit of #MusicMonday, here's a quick video of the start of the Austin road trip and some performance... http://t.co/e9lnO2zyZr
Once a month we have what we call the Bloody Mary meeting us at The Red Door. Today a lot of exciting things are... http://t.co/xmOqujIrvK
Play it till the strings come off #donpedigo #crosseyedtour http://t.co/sRIFCK1XYF
Hey Kentuckiana I'll be performing for this event next Tuesday! Hope to see you there! http://t.co/Vf86u7QSH7
@hollywilliams1 ditto House of Cards binge here!
RT @jimmyferg1978: Good tunes today... @SturgillSimpson @RyanBingham @RobertEarlKeen1 @jamey_johnson @DONPEDIGO
Throwback to the making of The Cross Eyed Sessions at 16 Ton Studios. #tht #thecrosseyedsessions #16ton #itunes... http://t.co/JODYx4Ssft
Shout out to the newest member of my team @TheSwankman. Thanks for kicking so much ass man! #Americana
What happens in Austin stays in Austin... Finally back in Nashville! Here's a glimpse of the #sxsw #redgorillafest week! #musicmonday
Here's a podcast from Chicago a couple weeks ago. Thanks Fearless Radio! #fearlessradio #crosseyedsessions... http://t.co/efDyJAFgeJ
#SXSW and #RedGorillaFest were killer! Thank you new friends and fans! I was too close not stop by #NOLA on my... http://t.co/qVyFrlPk7U
Rockin' @handlebaratx at #redgorillafest #sxsw https://t.co/21kMsBTkqh
Kimmy made a new friend. Anyone know who this is? #sxsw #youneverknow #ontheroad #austintx http://t.co/VGmBgN01uy
Meet Jorge' my Austin percussion madman! http://t.co/u2Wt0Gr4Xw
Woo! Great show at Maria's thanks everybody! #SXSW #marias #leeannatheertonsbarndance #crosseyed2015 #austintx http://t.co/qXqoR4fHsV
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/18/2015 at 05:00 PM @ Sweetwater in Austin, TX http://t.co/yEB20KLCqK #concert
Bringing the Cross Eyed Tour to Austin, Texas this week! #sxsw #redgorillafest #austin #crosseyedtour2015... http://t.co/xiqJiseUjw
Organizing organizing #ouch #SXSW #RedGorillaFest #donpedigo #ontheradio #ontheroad #crosseyed2015 http://t.co/pU5HXJmUsw
Can't help but think unsubscribing from junk emails must feel a little like when our forefathers won independence from the UK #independence
Here's a podcast from a recent visit to Chicago for your Sunday listening pleasure. A big thanks to Chicago... http://t.co/RA2b4dVRJ3
RT @OldManFreakboy: this episode of #heykidsGOM features @DONPEDIGO @THE_EELS @CrustCrustwell and more! http://t.co/2OR56U3WST
Walkin on Seashells in that 'ol blacktop... You all know the rest... Thanks Thomas in Cape Canaveral!... http://t.co/m3imckC5qM
Gig mobile for Austin, what do ya think? #SXSW #austinbound #crosseyed2015 http://t.co/VCrmiazxoC
Is there something happening in Austin next week? #austinbound #sxsw http://t.co/enP2ZCxEaW
"She’s like time standing still / and time flying by / And I can see forever / there in her eyes" #SheTurnsMeOn... http://t.co/Qpu6pakOzS
"She’s like time standing still and time flying by And I can see forever there in her eyes"… https://t.co/Tocbhgu6DO
RT @FastForwardShow: Let's get Cross Eyed with @DONPEDIGO #wfhb
RT @amershow: #podcast 235 @annemccue interview & tracks from Blue Sky Thinkin’ +new @DONPEDIGO http://t.co/n3gmEdsULH #americana #blues #swing #rock
I'm excited to share my brand new website! Check it out and Sign Up for the new email list on the homepage for... http://t.co/bOQAmmJudv
What a better way to wrap the beginning of this tour! #Melody Inn #buck # http://t.co/jMrb2rGLvj
Aaaaaaaaaand thank you Louisville! Here we come Indy! Melody Inn 7pm! #livemusic #crosseyedtour #indianapolis... http://t.co/T9Be7Z843q
Made it! Roads are good! Let's do this Louisville! #livemusic #themonkeywrench #louisville #KY #crosseyed2015 http://t.co/cVwxTPMmRj
What I love about coming back home... Mom singing harmonies on a tune #bestguestvocalist #PineRoom… https://t.co/9qh5sjLrWm
Yeah it's time to move on, it's time to get going, what lies ahead I've got no way of knowing....... http://t.co/5Es2yv2oz7
The bar is stocked and the tunes are real - I'm playing the #PineRoom tonight in IN. Come hang out... I know a... http://t.co/phgf20RrGi
@fearlessradio thanks again Kris!
RT @fearlessradio: Our interview with @DONPEDIGO is up now! http://t.co/WcEjUpMY2p
DON PEDIGO has a show on 03/06/2015 at 07:00 PM @ Melody Inn Tavern in Indianapolis, IN http://t.co/wDuedK4d5c #concert
Tomorrow night I'm back in Indiana at the Pine Room. Friday night an album release party at The The Monkey... http://t.co/HIcn6R87Qr
Glad to be back in Chicago! I'll be live on Fearless Radio at 4pm CST! Tonight I'll be performing at Act One in... http://t.co/pM2ZEBf0LF
March 03, 2015 Don Pedigo at Mayne Stage... http://t.co/0VKr6NFmTx
Today is the day... We are off to the races with The Cross Eyed Sessions album at #Americana and #AAA radio.... http://t.co/ZbkfOltnw2
Thx @WFPK for sharing my music tonite. Listeners can snag free songs by signing up for emails on http://t.co/b2UyRVGFCe
I'll be live in studio @WFPK on #RootsNBoots today! Tune in 5-8pmCt on http://t.co/nqqBTPvJex
Turn on some tunes this evening and catch me LIVE ON AIR on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville with host Michael Young.... http://t.co/yct6RyAjaS
I certainly know how this feels. Keep your eyes peeled friends! http://t.co/gxqnX6GM2q
Here's a video from my last visit to Chicago. Look forward to performing and hanging with all my friends at CAU... http://t.co/GLk9gAJqUe
Thanks CAU! See ya next week! http://t.co/HdneW60Ef5
Tune in this Sunday to 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville! I'll be my good buddy Michael Young's in studio guest on... http://t.co/qyIbhcQJOs
The new single "She Turns Me On" from The Cross Eyed Sessions hits radio in less than a week! Your support means... http://t.co/s2KBXoX0Q0
Meet Carli, a Long Island firecracker and the best manager in the world! She's holding me back from sharing all... http://t.co/lvO7R2civF
#excitingnews #ihavethebestfansintheworld http://t.co/UahTU7C0S9
Friends, I need your help promoting these shows! Please share! Thank you and stay warm! #crosseyedtour2015... http://t.co/7Va5zwpu0j
WFPK's Roots n' Boots http://t.co/rGQoKzui9T
Mar 01, 2015 Don Pedigo at WFPK Studios Louisville, KY... http://t.co/8CclUi8ayD
Johnny Cash always did say it best... Guys, I think we can all learn something from the man in black.... http://t.co/hZlXBtO2Ch
“@RollingStone: "10 Second Songs" singer celebrates Valentine's Day as 20 artists http://t.co/JWP8JiUAML
My record is out the door and on it's way to the stations! #americana #AAA #national #international... http://t.co/rpoC6qFqi4
Gearing up for this year's touring! Thank you all so much for your support and thank you for sharing this post!... http://t.co/ScgJNo4lUH
.@TheBrandyClark & @DwightYoakam just took #TheGrammys to another level
ELO YESSSS!!!! #jefflynne #GRAMMYs
Hoping to see #wishingboot win it's well deserved Grammy! #GRAMMYs
ACDC this is awesome! #Grammys2015
Rehearsing for the upcoming tour last night and felt inspired to make a Sunroom Session with my mando. Guess the... http://t.co/bchfDKEVUf
Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Bill. Think about you everyday. Thank you for strength from up there in the... http://t.co/xIwDekC4Nu
“@Tyler_Beauchamp: @DONPEDIGO just picked up your new cd. Can't wait to listen to it" thanks Tyler. Let me know which tune is your favorite
Practice makes... I'm not into perfect but I'm into practice. #crosseyedtour http://t.co/cDxe2WmmMG
Music for your Tuesday. #crosseyedsessions https://t.co/zwdJqqv7FB http://t.co/A0HFugOvOB
RT @hypebot: Tell Congress to Stand With Musicians, Not Big Radio http://t.co/JmhCDt1OV1
Yes Jeep. Nailed it. #SuperBowlXLIX
Whatever your favorite type of music is... that was impressive #KatyPerry #SuperBowI
RT @pattonoswalt: Is that the @nbc "The More You Know" star? #Halftime #SuperBowI
RT @FlameRun: Live music by @DONPEDIGO at our March 31st whisky-inspired exhibition. Whisky, hot glass, and great music. 2015 is off to a great start!
I'm thinking about ordering some more merch stuff for the road... What should we have made up? Tshirts? Koozies?... http://t.co/AEyNgKdVcH
Turn on The Cross Eyed Sessions this weekend and turn it up. #tgif Album available here http://t.co/5t8YNdJ5ty http://t.co/KbrlbwJItP
Remember when that guy stole my @gretsch #tbt #songinspiration http://t.co/GUTemPQj0L
“@Fender: New Blue Sapphire Limited Edition Sandblasted #Telecaster. Yay or Nay? #Fender #guitars" yes please
“@johnmellencamp: ♫ Today: Nashville, TN - Jan 28 at @TheRyman" we know a thing or 2 from the heartland #indianatakeover #nashville
RT @stephenhunley: It's here!! Watch the PREMIERE of my music video for "Elizabeth" on @countryweekly NOW! http://t.co/HmvVEHfsYx
Great video by a great artist @stephenhunley on @countryweekly -- congrats man - sounds and looks great
The Cross Eyed Sessions hits radio March 3! Which radio stations do you want hear Don Pedigo on? http://t.co/ayxUwbkBmf
Downtown Nashville is slammed...Johnny Cougar must be in town #nashville @TheRyman #thingssaidinindiana
"I'm just a sad man, I'm not a bad man / I've got a steady hand and it's heavy on the plow" - #SadMan... http://t.co/fldNJ3itwv
Not tonight midtown. Not tonight. Headed home early tonight to hang with my girls #familytime
Behind the Scenes from today's Cross Eyed Sessions photo shoot... New and exciting things coming soon #staytuned http://t.co/TFKh5gZgd8
Swapping songs again tonight with the gifted and lovely Tawnya Reynolds at Margaritaville, Nashville! Downbeat 5pm!
@jimmyferg1978 ah yes there's a reason I need reminded ha!
@jimmyferg1978 not sure I follow?
@jimmyferg1978 thinkin about it! Love St Louis. KDHX is a really cool station there too! #stlouis #KDHX
@jimmyferg1978 do you remember the names of the venues I played in St Louis? #stlouis
@MusCornerNash @gillianwelch @TheDaveRawlings This guitar is gold.
Almost ready to kick off the 2015 Cross Eyed Tour. I can't wait to get out in the road and play this record out.... http://t.co/ToyyTGlRw0
“@MLKQuote: The time is always right to do what is right.” Peace over hate #MLKDay2015
Loving the weather! #springfever #sunroomsessions #donpedigo... http://t.co/eJ6C9IQH14
Clowns to the left of the me, T-Bird to the right, Here I am #stuckinthemiddlewithT http://t.co/mk4MW3MlBA
Clowns to the left of the me, T-Bird to the right, Here I am #stuckinthemiddlewithT http://t.co/KWZHbXzvNE
Playing with @TawnyaReynolds1 tonight in #Nashville at #Margaritaville 5:30-9 #reunited http://t.co/SdYeGwOl7j
Rocking' out with my good friend Tawnya Reynolds this evening. If you're in Nashville don't miss the best show... http://t.co/amscoccTaS
I've been working on a tune that just needed that "something" to marry the story... I found that something.... http://t.co/D99gLa11Iq
Starting my day with @JohnPrineLyrics & @NanciGriffith #soundofthespeedofloneliness http://t.co/bFkeUk342T
Don Pedigo's album The Cross Eyed Sessions is available on @iTunes & wherever you buy music! #musicmonday http://t.co/90H9aK4nJt
Don Pedigo's album The Cross Eyed Sessions is available on @itunesmusic & wherever you buy music!… http://t.co/WrhF0G8qak
RT @RockChristopher: Laughter is carbonated holiness.~ Anne Lamott
“@BiIIMurray: I’d be 100 % more motivated if Samuel L. Jackson yelled at me to get things done.” #donwritemeamfsong!
@aeronightmare thanks heather
Which song do YOU want hear on the radio?? "She Turns Me On, " "You've Got Everything" or "Sad Man?" It's time to... http://t.co/haVx2Xd9ub
@OldTexan85 I'm a country girl at heart ;)
#TBT to that time I went for a trot on #XenaMiniatureHorsePrincess 5 secs after this photo was… http://t.co/9Kpq3Ksk3B
@AlxTorrez @DualtoneRecords @ShakeyGraves @thelumineers @RobertEarlKeen1 @ivanandalyosha so jealous of your consumed tunes this evening
RT @kexp: Just heard @The_Jayhawks soundcheck w/ "Save It For a Rainy Day"! Watch their set at 3 PM http://t.co/B8gKfDap2C http://t.co/iAvTM4UdAf
RT @JasonIsbell: Writing songs that are open and honest without being self-centered is about as tough as parallel parking a van and trailer in Manhattan.
@cmclaugh44 you can read my mind I swear! #thankful for my manager
On the fifth day of Jan #imhappy to be surrounded by #positivity and passionate beings
Dylan cover for #MusicMonday #indiegogo #onetoomanymornings http://t.co/DlxqJbtaSH
Got a Bob Dylan tune for #MusicMonday by request of Kegan McKinney. Thanks for the support man on IndieGoGo.... http://t.co/qeyijQ9OBe
RT @hollywilliams1: If tomorrow wasn't such a long time, then lonesome would mean nothing to me at all- #dylan
Scenes from a #Nashville Sunday night http://t.co/z3DvyjXVX8
“@matracaberg: Wha???!!! http://t.co/3alO9LQz69 this is terrifying
My heart goes out to @opry & @LilJimDickens family. #RIPTater http://t.co/bWjcUvQDDe
Rest in peace, Little Jimmy Dickens. The Grand Ole Opry will miss it's patriarch. At only 4'11" Tater embodied... http://t.co/0Js9FsepJX
“@gibsonguitar: Here's a first-look at the entire line of new beauties from Gibson Memphis: http://t.co/lB7SvlA2mR Yes please.
The Cross Eyed Sessions available @iTunesMusic & in waiting for new ears #newmusic #FF https://t.co/zwdJqqv7FB
To great music in 2015 #cheers #FF @RodneyJCrowell @parkermillsap @corychisel @raywylie @JasonIsbell @RhiannonGiddens @rosannecash
Killer night of tunes @CityWineryNSH w @corychisel @LanghorneSlim & friends #Nashville #Flo
@JoshuaHedley brought me to tears tonight singing #mickeynewbury - could hear #dawnsears harmonizing from heaven #youhaveanewfan
I just bought First Ever New Year's Day Extravaganza with Langhorne Slim, Cory Chisel & Guests - 1/1 from City Winery http://t.co/qjNujXFQDB
Last sundown from the road in 2014! #nye2015 http://t.co/stU5UmvJuc
@OldTexan85 you too!
"Somebody tell #Nashville that we play #countrymusic" - @crowmedicine @_CCDs @RhiannonGiddens http://t.co/Fp0z4Kgd0s
And the band played with great reverence for the stage on which they stood. crowmedicine _ccds… http://t.co/R8wAKopRLY
“@DONPEDIGO: “@cmclaugh44: #mclaughlinsrule @donpedigo photo http://t.co/gWPC9aciVu about time u saw this!” haha thx 4 sik pic!
#mclaughlinsrule @donpedigo photo http://t.co/DqxbBFWCX5
One last home cooked meal before I hop on a plane! Pops' paella is legendary. #paellaparty #spanishtime http://t.co/nEZneoBBbS
Les is more. #gibson http://t.co/31J6LISC9k
Toys, cousins and artichokes. #keepyourheartyoung #merrychristmas http://t.co/EjfQ5p7tvf
NOW it feels like Christmas. Aunt Ginny's famous "antipast" #italiantime #countdownhitszero http://t.co/rjPoIyWIcr
@OldTexan85 merry Christmas to my favorite Texans!
RT @Epic_Women: Don't rush anything. When the time is right, it'll happen.
Tootsie's serves Corn Flakes, milk, orange juice and coffee. #whoknew #nybound http://t.co/e5YdxZ4rGr
Friends, tweeple, countrymen: Use my invite code for $10 toward your first Lyft ride! https://t.co/HurTvosntk
RT @DONPEDIGO: Thanks @NoiseTrade for being awesome. Download exclusive #crosseyedsessions music at http://t.co/sMSNvHoE7w #musicmonday